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We can agree that the use of video has changed the way marketing is done online, correct?

Now, using video is almost a necessity when launching a product or building a business.  Go ahead and take a look at the top 10 products in any niche on Clickbank (the world’s largest marketplace for digital products).  You’ll notice an unsettling trend.  They ALL use videos on their salespages.

Why you may ask?

Creates Your Whiteboard Animation

Simply put, because they convert better than static pages.  At the forefront of this video revolution stands wizMotions.

At wizMotions we have been known to produce some of the most extravagant videos anywhere on the web, with each video custom designed to fit the client’s needs.   Do you require an engaging sales video that will have the audience begging to buy from you?  Are you looking for a video that serves as an informative explainer video to place on your site?  What about something to convert targeted traffic from Youtube?

The team at wizMotions can do it all!

Here’s how…

For a completely “done for you” video, all you would need to do is provide some relevant information in the questionnaire that we send, coupled with the total length of the video that you would like.  Then you can sit back, relax, and put your feet up as the magic happens.  Our top notch team of experienced copywriters will take the information regarding your product and ideas to generate a mind-blowing video script that will convert viewers into sales like never before.  Whether you’re new to the game or have decades of experience in marketing, nothing can beat the word spinning prowess of a reliable copywriter.

After wizMotions finishes with your script, we will then provide a voice over expert.  You can rest assured that every word and emotion from your script will be conveyed to the audience in a well spoken and inviting manner.  Plus, you’ll even have the ability to choose which talented voice over expert you’d like to feature in your video.

At wizMotions we even offer voice-overs in other languages.  Unlike the many online sources for voice overs, wizMotions’ professionals will ensure that every word is clear and concise with zero distracting background noises.  Nothing turns an audience away faster than an unprofessional voice-over.

The final sequence before production entails the creation and illustration of your “storyboard”.  In order to allure and maintain the attention of the audience, wizMotions creates a captivating series of hand drawn images and sketch art that will flow seamlessly with the script & voice over.  This is intended to enthrall, charm, and engross the audience into the words being spoken.

The wizMotions illustration team has the ability to tell stories through sketch art that will dramatically increase conversion rates by connecting with the viewers on a level that words alone simply cannot do.  After all, we’ve all heard the old adage “a picture is worth a million words”.  How about a few dozen pictures?  We have some of the most creative artists that will literally stun audiences with their originality and attention to detail.

Not convinced?  Here is a sample storyboard that transforms a short script about selling a house into a full blown storyline.

Finally, the wizMotions production team will take the magnificent new voice-over, coupled with the awe inspiring storyboard, and create a high definition video that will surely take your business to the next level.  Plus, every video offers unlimited revisions!  This way you can ensure that you receive the most enticing and effective video possible.

So don’t hesitate.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow.

If you are truly serious about really engaging your audience, you will want a company like wizMotions working for you!

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