Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

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Video is one of the biggest drivers of traffic online and is known to keep the attention of potential customers longer than text-based material. So, what does that mean for you and your business? Basically, it means your business can only benefit from having a video on your website. Now the question remains, what should your video be about and how does one go about having this done?

An explainer video is essentially simply a short video explaining your product or service. It is meant to capture the attention of the viewer, engage them by addressing how your product or service will solve a problem they have, and present your business as the authority figure.

Explainer videos are popular because they convey information more effectively than other mediums, engage potential customers thus increasing social engagement, improve traffic ratings, and build rapport with viewers.

If you think about the fast-paced world in which we exist, where online users are inundated with constant ads, messages, and headlines pushing their cause, service, and products it makes sense that short, straight-forward, entertaining explainer videos are catching the attention of consumers more than any other type of marketing. A one-to-two-minute video is easy to digest, doesn’t take up too much of their time, entertains, while educating, and leaves the viewer on a good note. They can instantly tell whether they are interested in the service or product, how it can help them, and how to get in touch or purchase said service or product.

Animated explainer videos are especially great at breaking down complicated messages and concepts. Also, thanks to their entertainment value, they present the perfect opportunity for user engagement, soliciting comments and reactions on social media thus driving up your algorithm metrics and reaching an increasingly larger audience.

Using video content to improve your Google ranking is critical to your business’ success. When using video content, you can boost your site’s SEO. This works simply because videos are engaging and simple to watch, so visitors stay longer on your site. In addition, downward bounces are reduced, which boosts the on-site time of your visitors and consequently reduces bounce rates.

Explainer videos can often be your first contact with a potential customer, so you want them to be captivated right away and feel like they can trust you, creating a relationship. Through your video, you have the chance to address their worry or problem and provide a solution. What better way to develop a relationship than to instantly start by reducing a person or business’ burden?

Explainer videos are an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses and should not be overlooked. Video is the most in-demand and desirable marketing medium in the present market. Would you like to see how an animated explainer video can help your business? Contact WizMotions for more information.

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