Why Us?

We Know What You’re Thinking…

Why wizMotions?

When our founders saw a need for...


…they took it upon themselves to bridge the gap between

low-budget, low-quality animation companies


the ones that only the top 2% can afford.

The result?

High-quality video animation at an affordable price.

Who Are These
Wiz Guys?

What do you get when you mix creatives with logicians?

The answer is NOT a fist fight, nor is it anarchy, and it’s definitely not chaos. Like sweet loves sour, the unlikely combination of opposites makes for a powerful product and we are a smart and imaginative team of dedicated individuals who create things that make sense.

From designers to scriptwriters to the managers of mayhem, each member of our team adds dimension and depth to your experience and makes wizMotions a steadfast and loyal partner in business.

And What’s So Special About Them, Anyway?

We never said we were special, but since you’re asking…

Nevermind the amazing quality we insist upon delivering or the unparalleled customer experience we offer up (hello extraordinary project managers)… have you seen our prices?

They’re insanely competitive and here’s why: we have a method to our madness, AKA a scientific 3-part process that gets you results and we nail it every time.

Our 3-part methodology

Our methodology capitalizes on what we already know about how people process information which allows us to produce videos that

Not a big reader? Watch and learn about our 3-part methodology.

Watch Video!

STEP 1: Pattern Interruption

This is where we grab attention by disrupting the norm.

Imagine standing in a crowded room full of loud conversation and suddenly, a whistle blows. Silence ensues because something unexpected just happened… you have their attention.

Animated explainer videos break up the space of a two dimensional website and interrupt the boring text that consumers have come to expect. And most importantly, pattern interrupters lower your prospect’s defenses, priming them to heed your call to action.

STEP 2: Visual processing

Once you’ve got their attention don’t squander it!
Let’s keep the momentum and engagement going.

Did you know that humans are visually wired and 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing? It only takes that big old squishy brain of yours 150 milliseconds to understand a visual scene. Don’t believe us?

Think about road signs… Your brain will react faster to the one with a symbol than it will to the one that has a bunch of words.

((insert yield street sign side by side with a sign that has this copy))

Oh, and another fact – during an average website visit, users only read 28% of the words. This means that only 28% of your message is being delivered. Psst! That is, unless you use an explainer video… then they’ll see the entirety of your message.

STEP 3: Storytelling

Stories keep us engaged and connected and humans have used them for eons to communicate, educate, entertain, and explain.

And stories yield sales because you’re tapping into the emotions of your customer and research says that emotion trumps logic in the selling process.

We Still Know What You’re Thinking...

We’ve been at this a long time and know you’ve got some objections and concerns churning in your head right now.
Worried about cost? Strapped for cash? You’re thinking…

I can get it done cheaper

To this we say, yes, yes you can get it done cheaper. We’re gonna drop this quote right here and consider our work done for the day…

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job,
wait until you hire an amateur.

Red Adair

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Still On The Fence Or Not Quite Sure?

We get it. Running a business is hard but sometimes, being a consumer is even harder. The
 fear of making the wrong choice can stop you in your tracks, so to get you unstuck, here are
some other very good reasons why you should choose us wizMotions.

Authentic & Unique Artwork

Whether you want an explainer video for a TV commercial, how-to tutorial, salesletter or presentation, your business is safe from copyright issues with us. We create only 100% original hand-drawn art work

Unlimited Revisions Guarantee*

Your satisfaction is VERY important to us, therefore your video project is risk free. That means we won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied.
*Terms and Conditions apply.

Fast Turnaround & Delivery

Standard delivery from start to finish is between 2 to 3 weeks. Got a tight deadline? Ask for our 3-day or 5-day “Express Delivery” option here.
*Terms and Conditions apply.

No hidden prices. No Suprises.

Other animation companies hide their prices and ask potential customers to fill out a form or call for pricing. We’re 100% transparent with you and have nothing to hide.

You Buy Directly From Source

We’re being asked almost daily, “Why are your prices so low compared to others?”. The answer is simple: We’re not middle persons.

Scientifically Designed Videos

The majority of our team is well trained in the areas of NLP and marketing. We create videos that will keep audiences glued to the screen and taking action!

Script Writing That Converts

Top notch script & copywriting is of HUGE importance for making a whiteboard video that sells. Our team has these rare skills and does this time & time again.

35+ Voice Talent Professionals

Don’t have a voice over for your video but you need one? No worries. Our team of 25+ voice over talents are trained to deliver your message just as your viewer wants it, equaling higher conversions for you.

Your Ideas are Protected

Do you have sensitive information and want us to sign an NDA? No problem. Your ideas and any other data will remain confidential.

Done For You In Any Language!

Need a Video in Spanish? German? No problem! We can make an engaging video in many other languages besides English!

24/7 Progress Monitoring Access

We use one of the most advanced online project management systems, so  you’ll be updated and included every step of the way.

Dedicated Project Managers

One of the greatest things about working with our management team is that they’re reliable and devoted. You’ll never ever have to ask them “Hey, any update on my project?”

Still Have Questions?

Schedule a call with one of our dedicated
project managers and ask away!

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