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A whiteboard video is a great marketing tool that many forward-thinking businesses all over the globe successfully use to create product demos, explainer videos, educational presentations, and more. This style of video is so popular since they are:
  • Focused: They are often created to convey a specific message, which they do well since there’s only a whiteboard and a marker — the message comes across uncluttered and clearly.
  • Universal: They can be used for anything and made by anyone. From commercials to school lessons to training videos, they can be fun or serious, short or lengthy.
  • Clear: Whiteboard animation is usually made with only visuals — not words. So, it can be understood by people of different languages without any barriers.
  • PR: If creative with the animation, the video can become a PR tool through social media. People tend to share videos that cause deep emotions like amusement or contentment.
  • Affordable: Whiteboard videos keep production costs down while still being effective.
These reasons and more are why many successful businesses already use whiteboard animation videos, and you can too. This article covers the basics of what goes into a whiteboard video, how they are made and some of the best examples that you can use for inspiration.

What is a Whiteboard Video

A whiteboard video is a style that shows the viewer images being drawn with a marker on a board. They often also include narration that tells the story of the images. This style is used to introduce and market a product or service, to sell an idea or to teach viewers a lesson. Since it is a type of video, it can be shared in ways that other marketing strategies cannot. It can be shared through social media, text, email and more. The combination of bright, graphic illustrations with an engaging and interesting story grabs and maintains the attention of viewers. Some people create whiteboard videos simply by recording and editing together clips of writing and drawing on a board. More impressive videos, though, animate the drawings. There’s no shading and it’s usually made with quick line drawings. The effect used in the animation process is a time-lapse or stop motion. Today, most companies, with the help of technology, will not use real recorded drawings and instead will use whiteboard animation software or hire an outside company to create their vision.

How are Whiteboard Videos Made

Whether you want to create a whiteboard video for marketing or for education or something else, there are easy steps that you can follow to make it. Here’s what it takes to make a whiteboard video:
  1. Make an outline: A great plan is the first step towards a great video. If you want to make a compelling video, you have to start with a script. Before jumping into the drawings, focus on the content, the message you want to show and how you want to say it. Even if you have what may be a dull topic to some, it can still be engaging to everyone if you present it in the right way. The best way to communicate your topic is by following the principles of storytelling. As you write your script, imagine the visuals that best show your topic and accompany the voice-over. Planning one symbol or illustration for each of your sentences, even if you think you might change it later, is a good metric to follow to ensure you have enough. You don’t want the viewer to feel like they’re waiting for the next thing. At the same time, though, you don’t want too many visuals per sentence because it will be overwhelming for the viewer. Reading your script aloud as you write will help you plan the pace and tone of your video, creating a natural flow. Follow these steps to create your script: Outline a problem, offer a solution and place a call to action.
  2. Create storyboards: Story-boarding is to visuals as scripting is to content. It will help you make decisions on what imagery should pair with each part of your voice-over. A step-by-step storyboard will help you create a great final product. To do so, plan your drawings for each part and consider how they’ll work together. The visuals are key to the whiteboard animation — it’s what draws people in and keeps them watching your video. Plan for the characters you may want to include, the colors you’ll use and any text elements.
  3. Gather tools: If creating your own whiteboard video, this is where you’ll want to set up your filming location and get your equipment ready. They are traditionally made on a whiteboard but you can also use a foam board, large sheets of white paper or a chalkboard. These other options, though, will limit your ability to erase. Position the camera above your chosen medium to get a straight-on view of the illustrations. Make sure the scene is well lit to avoid casting shadows with your hand as you draw. But, if you don’t want to create your own, there are companies that will work with you to produce one digitally, like WizMotions.
  4. Film: Warm up your drawing hand before you start production. Try some quick drawings to get used to the feeling for the best results when drawing your actual content. Take your time when drawing every illustration, icon or word — you can always speed it up in post-production. If you speed through drawing, you might not end with the best-looking image, which is not always fixable in post-production. Keep your storyboards nearby so you don’t unintentionally leave anything out. Most importantly, have some fun!
  5. Record voice-over and sound effects: The quality of voice-over is also key to a quality video. If it’s low quality, it will distract viewers from the animation and the content. Avoid using multi-syllable words — if it’s hard to say, it’s hard to understand. Be sure to rehearse what you’re saying prior to recording for best results.
  6. Bring it all together in post-production: Here is where you’ll combine audio with visual if creating the entire video on your own. Ensure that your voice-over lines up with the corresponding illustrations. Add everything in at once and then organize so you don’t have to continuously upload. Cut your visuals into sections to edit them easier. Some sections will need to be sped up more than others to match the voice-over and to find the best pace. Uses layer masks to hide smears or markings you don’t want viewers to see. When all your edits are completed, export and share your new animated video!
Whiteboard videos are extremely popular and it’s no surprise — plenty of studies show that animation is a great way to attract viewers, capture their attention and get a message across. Now that you know how to make one, you should create one for your company to stand out from your competitors.

Best Whiteboard Video Examples

Knowing the steps to take to create a whiteboard video might not be enough to get your creativity flowing. Maybe you’re also not fully convinced into making your own whiteboard animation. The examples below give background to the individual companies, list their goals when approaching the animation, what the solution was and a link to the resulted video itself. If you need more inspiration or want to see what competitors are doing in their videos, take a look at these examples from WizMotions:

EmpoweredAgent.com Video

This video for EmpoweredAgent.com resulted in a contract for 37,000+ new customers for the company.
  • Background: EmpoweredAgent.com is a niche payroll company that provides payroll services plus a suite of bonus services for one low price. Their platform is geared towards Allstate agents. They understand the needs of those agents, offering an opportunity to increase their return on investment. The founder of the company, Jeff, felt confident that if these agents knew the benefits that EmpoweredAgent.com offers, they’d switch to their services immediately. He wanted create a targeted message that conveyed the frustration they deal with and showed his solution through the company.
  • Goal: Engage 12,000 Allstate Insurance Company Exclusive Agents and educate them on the benefits of EmpoweredAgent.com that will help them overcome industry challenges. He wanted a fun and compelling animated video to share on an Allstate internal blog. He also wanted to show the improved quality of life that agents will receive when switching payroll companies.
  • Solution: Present an alternative to the agents’ frustrating challenges by tailoring a video message directly to them that demonstrated the potential for increased revenue. With the targeted audience, WizMotions created an explainer video tailored to Jeff’s message. After viewing the video, agents understood that their lives would be enriched by a quick and easy service switch.
  • Results: The video gave Jeff a contract with 37,000 customers.

Kuehne + Nagel Video

This video for Kuehne + Nagel trained over 10,000 employees.
  • Background: Kuehne + Nagel is a 125-year-old company that moved from an international freight forwarder to a supply chain solutions business. Their Human Resources department is committed to developing employee leadership skills, encouraging success in both personal and professional aspects. The company developed a set of leadership competencies that emphasize: acceptable behavior, individual development and strong communication skills. They needed a way to train their North American staff, involving these competencies. With over 10,000 employees to train, they realized that the best manner to effectively do so was through a whiteboard explainer video.
  • Goal: Educate the 10,000 employees on the North American staff about the Kuehne + Nagel behavior model in a effective and credible way. The HR department wanted to motivate their employees to read the model and develop ongoing communication with managers through the training video. They also wanted to emphasize the importance of the model for not only the employees’ professional lives but also their personal lives. The video should end in a call to action that inspired the viewers to learn more.
  • Solution: Deliver an inspiring explainer video that demonstrates how small changes in character and behavior can lead to heightened success. With an understand of the Kuehne + Nagel behaviors, WizMotions created two scenarios where important leadership characteristics were demonstrated and created a connection to the staff by understanding what drives them and providing a path to success. The video needed to be straightforward to get and maintain the employees’ attention. The video ended with a call to action encouraging viewers to read the behaviors manual.
  • Results: The explainer video trained the 10,000 employees with one link without the expense of travel or the need for several hours of training.

Kaspersky Video

This video helped Kaspersky break into a new product market.
  • Background: Kaspersky is an award winning, anti-malware, cyber security company, keeping their 270,000 corporate clients one step ahead of potential cyber threats on a daily basis. They are a leader in online security and a recognized worldwide brand. A team member, Brett, was responsible for educating their audience about the features and benefits of a new product prior to the launch.
  • Goal: Educate an internal team and consumers about a new product in an illuminating and inspiring way. Brett was having a difficult time trying to communicate the product concept, which is why he reached out to WizMotions. He wanted a way to break down a complex product into easy to understand language presented through an explainer video. Wanting an excitement and energy around the new personal security platform, Brett also hoped to use the video to receive feedback from consumers on the product prior to the launch. Overall, he wanted to avoid the audience feeling like it was too difficult or complicated to install the new product.
  • Solution: Clearly communicate a complex idea in a way that encouraged internal team support and educated the public about their need for the product. WizMotions video designers were effectively able to break down the complex concepts into easy to understand ideas that resonated with Kaspersky consumers.
  • Results: Kaspersky team members were energized about the product and ready to help consumers. The video also transitioned the product from just an idea to reality by encouraging feedback from consumers.

KeyToConceive.com Video

This video got KeyToConceive.com a 317% increase in sales.
  • Background: The president, Gary Thompson, of KeyToConceive.com recognized that over 7 million couples are actively trying to conceive without success. The shocking and heartbreaking number drove him to find a solution. The company introduced an FDA-approved product that offered a natural alternative to more intrusive and extensive fertility procedures. However, Gary was worried that his smaller-sized company would not be able to compel customers and investors towards his product.
  • Goal: Through the video, he wanted to direct interest from potential customers and investors to the KeyToConceive.com website to learn more about the new product. Gary and his team originally thought that providing the hard numbers of the product’s effectiveness to the public would entice them, but that was not the case. Instead, they needed a way to explain the process of their product in a simple and sensitive manner. But he still wanted to attract investors as well as customers with the video.
  • Solution: Develop an easy to understand explainer video to provide information on the sensitive subject. WizMotions realized that both investors and potential customers would quickly understand the features, benefits and results of the product and be encouraged to visit the website to learn more by presenting the product in simple terms with clear visuals. They kept an upbeat tempo and a straightforward script to respect the sensitive subject matter while still providing the necessary information.
  • Results: After the WizMotions video, KeyToConceive.com experienced a 317% increase in their Amazon sales, tripled their overall sales figures and gained negotiations with two major companies that want to deliver the product on a larger scale.

Mark J. Silverman Video

This video helped author Mark J. Silverman sell 10,000+ books and earn Amazon’s number one spot in just three months.
  • Background: Author commonly referred to as a “Force of Nature,” Mark J. Silverman has generated over $90 million in sales and has received numerous awards over his 15-year career. He authored the book titled Only 10s – Using Distraction to Get the Right Things Done and needed help reaching disorganized people outside his already established audience.
  • Goal: Mark wanted to differentiate himself from other self-help-type business books through a whiteboard explainer video that educated his audience. Most of the market has already read material about time management with few real results, turning them away from new self-help books like Mark’s. The video needed to present the book in a way that distinguished it from previous time management books by emphasizing its unique characteristics. He also wanted a crisp, clean and creative promotion.
  • Solution: The team at WizMotions worked to internalize the original and effective tools that Mark discusses in his book and to understand the target market of successful professionals who struggle with juggling multiple tasks. The video was designed to speak directly to these professionals who had tried and failed other methods of time management, mirroring the practical approach of the book.
  • Results: Mark hoped to sell 1000 books. With the explainer video, his goal was exceeded by 10 times the amount he wanted. His book soared to Amazon’s number one spot and sold over 10,000 copies in only three months and is still selling at a rate of 300 books per month.
Those are only some of the examples of whiteboard animation videos made in collaboration with WizMotions. Click here to check out more as well as customer reviews.

Work With the Experts at WizMotions

Now that you know what a whiteboard video is, how to make one, the benefits of using one for marketing and education, and you’ve seen some examples for inspiration, you should script and storyboard one for your own company. The team at WizMotions can make the process quick and easy for you. They’ve worked with big name companies like McDonald’s, Google and CBS and smaller companies or individuals like the examples above. Here’s what their whiteboard videos can do for you:
  • Convert: convert more prospects into leads and customers
  • Boost: start getting more sales, leads and phone calls
  • Simplify: simplify complicated procedures quickly and easily
  • Explain: explain how your product or service works in seconds
  • Impress: make your business immune to competition
  • Engage: engage using the power of visual storytelling
If that’s not enough, you can also contact them for a free consultation to see if they’re the right fit for you. Spoiler alert, though, they will be! Our calculator tool can help you choose your style and get to work on your whiteboard animation.

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