Watch Your Email Marketing Click-Through Rate Skyrocket with Video

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Email inboxes are messy, crowded places full of personal messages, spam, special offers, spam, forgotten subscriptions and spam. To stand out in this dishevelled pile of subject lines all vying for attention like neglected toddlers, a marketer has to have something special.

Good copy is a good start. It should be relevant, engaging, informative and entertaining. (Yeah, that’s right. Entertaining. You’re not in the business of boring people, right?) But, it’s only a start. There should be something else in your email that compels people to open it and see what it’s all about.    

That’s where video comes into play. When you include a video in your email, your click-through rate can jump by a whopping 200 to 300%. This is partly because an informative minute-long video has the same approximate value as 1.8 million words on the same subject. That’s a fantastic exchange rate!

But, just like your copy has to be good, your video also has to be high quality and well done. Plus, it also has to be strategically placed within the body of the email. (Spoiler alert: not at the bottom.)

And don’t forget about consumers’ ever-shrinking attention spans, which are now officially shorter than a goldfish’s. (Thanks, internet!) It’s best to keep your video as short as possible while still being able to clearly convey your message.

For ultimate impact, try these four video email marketing tips.  

Include “Video” in Your Subject Line

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Let your audience know that your email is special by telling them it contains a video right there in the subject line. This simple step can increase open rates by 19% and we’ve already discussed the boost it gives to your click-through rates.

Put the Video at the Top of the Email

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You’ve told them there’s a sweet piece of content in the email and now you wanna deliver right away. Don’t make them go hunting for it. Just put the thing right up at the top in a prominent position. This was the hook that got them to open the email, so let it do its thing and wow your audience.

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If You’re Not Sending the Video in the Email, Use a Thumbnail

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There may be various reasons that you don’t want to send the actual video in the email. If that’s the case, at least have a compelling thumbnail in the email that conveys what the video is about and link it to a landing page where people can watch the video. This will get people onto your website and will bypass any potential glitches that can arise when you send video.  

Provide a Call to Action

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Yes, the ol’ CTA. Can’t forget to let people know what they should do next when the video ends. Don’t just leave them hanging, give them somewhere to click or a number to call or something. They should know exactly what you want them to do next.

Video just makes email marketing better, but it starts with amazing videos. And that’s where WizMotions come in. Oh, look: a call to action >>> Click here to use our price estimation calculator to see approximately how much an amazing video will cost your business. (You don’t even need to talk to anyone!)

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