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In 2009, an unknown startup had a vision of how their product could help people to organize all of their digital files across several devices and share those files with others simply and easily. A new concept, Dropbox decided to use an explainer video to demonstrate how the product solves a real problem. That 2 minute and 17 second video was viewed over 30,000 times per day for several years and allowed Dropbox to grow at exponential rates.

Of course you would like your business to achieve the same level of success as Dropbox. A big part of explainer video success is the explainer video production company and whether they recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. For a video to be successful, the visuals, script, and length have to work together synergistically.

This is why choosing the right company is so important.

To help you make that decision we’d like to present to you  a variety of questions we get quite frequently at wizMotions…

Who is wizMotions?

Q.  What is special about wizMotions? There are hundreds of video explainer companies out there. What do you do best? What do you specialize in?

A.  Like any industry, there is no shortage of incompetent video animators trying to make a quick buck. As a result, clients may receive low quality videos that do not do accomplish the desired results.

Here are a few things you should consider when hiring a video animation company:

How is the company represented? Does the company use a well crafted explainer video to promote themselves and attract clients? If they are not good at promoting themselves, how will they promote you effectively? Play our video above to understand what sets our videos apart from the others.

Does the company offer unlimited revisions? A company that is committed to their customers’ satisfaction will offer unlimited revisions in order to get the end product just right. The wizMotions team will not stop until you are completely satisfied with the script, illustrations, message, etc.

Will you be dealing with the actual company performing the work or will it be outsourced? Having to navigate a project to completion using a middle person can be frustrating and may eventually seem futile. Make sure that when you hire a video animation company, you are not dealer with a broker, but the actual company.

Is the company offering original artwork? It may be difficult to believe that original artwork, exclusive to your project, is available at an affordable price, but it is true. Do not settle for less than original. You are building a differentiated brand, and that is difficult to do with ordinary, stock artwork. Even worse, when video production includes stolen images, your business may be at risk.

Q.  We’ve seen templated scripts scattered all over the internet, what makes your script different from those templated ones?

A.  Script writing that taps into the neuroscience of the human brain and compels and converts is the only way to develop an effective explainer video. Templated scripts force your product or business into a cookie cutter script without any consideration to the way that the human brain processes information. The careful use of certain words has more impact than others. And strong calls to action are a must. Our script writing team possesses rare skills that convert a video into a selling machine.

Q.  What is your company’s perfect or dream client?

A.  If you have a business or product that you are excited to share with the world, you are our perfect client. The wizMotions team loves to take on challenges and we work with anyone, under any timeline and with any type of product or service. Our repeat clients include real estate brokers, eCommerce stores, freelancers, lenders, attorneys, non-profit organizations, public service announcements, and many more. Each client presents a different objective and each leaves satisfied with the finished product.

Q.  What is your company’s dream project?

A.  Clients who have difficult or complicated messages that need to be simplified are our dream projects. The WizMotions team feels that some communications can only be effective through video and we are the company to handle those tough situations.

Q.  Can I see sample scripts and storyboards of some of your existing videos?

A.  We love sharing our work of course, all available at the following links:



Q.  Can I trust you not to run away after paying a down payment?

A.  Firstly, we are NOT a middle person or broker. The wizMotions team of full time professionals is dedicated to producing amazing work. We have completed thousands of videos for companies such as McDonalds, Google, Kaspersky, and CBS. Our reputation means everything to us and we rely on repeat business.

Our immediate and consistent communication throughout the process will demonstrate our ongoing investment to you and your project.

Q.  How do you usually approach the creation of a video?

A.  While the process is slightly different for each video style we produce, we use a comprehensive 5 Step Process that is customized to your project’s individual needs.

  1. Discovery. Our team provides access to our online project management system. Our system allows seamless progress updates to ensure effective communication with our team at any time. A Creative Brief questionnaire will be sent to you to kick off the process. The questionnaire will dive into your company, target market, message, product or service and provide our team with the appropriate information to ensure the video will hit the viewers’ hot emotional buttons and compel action.
  2. Video Script & Storyboard. If you are relying on our professional team of experienced script writers to craft your video, we will work on an engaging script and divide the content into scenes. We will clearly communicate our plan for each illustration and animation. If you are providing a script, we will divide it into scenes and add illustration and animation. We welcome illustration ideas for scenes and characters so that we can capture your unique vision.
  3. Visual Storyboard Design & Artwork. This is where it gets exciting as your product starts to take shape and come to life. One of our highly qualified artists will create 100% custom illustrations for every scene of your video and you will be able to see and review all of the artwork.  WizMotions provides unlimited revisions of our custom artwork, so you are guaranteed to be pleased with the final product.
  4. Voice Over Recording. Even with the perfect message and high quality art, a bad voice over can send the wrong signals to your audience. With WizMotions, you don’t have to worry about shoddy voice overs. Our team of 25+ voice over superstars have provided sample clips so that you may listen to and identify the voice that best suits your important message.
  5. Video Production & Final Preview. The cumulative efforts invested in your project now bring us to the final and most exciting phase. Your animation will be completed and proudly sent to you for previewing.

Q.  Can you provide a sample of the Creative Brief questionnaire?

A.  We are happy to provide the Creative Brief to each and every client as a way to organize your plan and goal.

Q.  How many conceptual ideas will you present prior to scripting stage?

A.  Following receipt of the completed Creative Brief, we are happy to schedule a call with each client to ensure that visions are aligned. Following the call, we will begin to provide the deliverables for comment and approval.

Q.  How involved will I or can I be in the process?

A.  Clients are encouraged to be as much a part of the process as they would like to be. Our project management system allows clients to be active in the process on a daily basis.

Q.  Who will I be in contact with throughout the duration of the process?

A.  You will have a dedicated project manager who will handle your project throughout the entire process. 

Q.  How will I get updates – through email?

A.  Email is outdated and inefficient.  We never use it.  Project updates will be delivered through the a project management system called Basecamp.  All project files and updates are kept in your Basecamp project, available for you to check at any time.  No more confusing email threads or searching for emails.  Online communication has come a long way!

Q.  Will the updates of the video itself be in the form of Youtube or Vimeo links that you send in an email?

A.  We use our own proprietary video player to show you previews of your production along the way.  We simply send you a link to click on and it will open a window that will play your video.  It’s pretty neat!

Q.  Do you have access to international landline or do we use a software like Skype to converse?

A.  To keep everything easy and organized we like to keep all communication within our Basecamp project management software.  It’s easy and fun to use, and you can check on your project at any time.  Of course we are available to chat by phone at any time.  We pride oursevles on meeting communication expectations and we will always find a convenient way to exchange the information needed.

Q.  Do you accept international clients?

A.  We enjoy working with clients from all over the world. In addition, we are happy to provide videos in any number of languages.

Q.  Considering the timezone difference, can I schedule a call/meeting to discuss the animation after work hours? Will you be available for communication during weekends?

A.  We do follow standard US working hours (9am – 6pm Eastern) however we value our clients’ busy schedules and different time zones and we ensure that communications will be convenient for you.

Q.  Before moving to the next stage of the process (ie. scripting stage to illustration stage) do we sign a document that states that no revision can be made after the stage has been signed-off?

A.  Part of the ongoing communication throughout the stages of the creation process will require approval of one part before advancing on to the next step. Should it be necessary to go back and revise previous stages, additional fees may be incurred. Each step is clearly defined; however, and every opportunity for revision will be provided before moving forward.

Q.  How many major and minor revisions are allowed per process (eg. script writing, animation, illustration etc)?

A.  WizMotions allows for unlimited revisions throughout each stage of the process to ensure absolute satisfaction and effectiveness of the final product.

Q.  Can you give a general price range for a 60-seconds 2d animated video?

A.  We can do even better than that. Use our quick and easy custom pricing calculator to determine the exact price of your next video project. No guesswork involved.

Q.  How do I pay? Can I pay MasterCard, Visa or Paypal? How will that work? Are you going to send an invoice? Use a service like Payoneer or Stripe?

A.  We are PayPal Verified and we gladly accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you prefer we also accept check or bank transfer as well.  We are pretty flexible.

Q.  How do I know my payment and my account will be secure?

A.  Our website is secured by an SSL certificate, ensuring that your payment is safe and secure.

Q.  Do I pay a down payment? 50% before the project starts? What are your payment options?

A.  All projects that are less than $500 are required to be paid in full upon ordering. If your project will be over $500, we offer the option to pay 50% during checkout. We understand that situations occasionally occur that result in a project being canceled, but we want to be sure that our team members are paid for their hard work, even when a project is canceled. If you have any concerns about the quality of our work, we are not only completely transparent about pricing and process, but we require your review and approval every step of the way. We do not proceed to the final video production unless you are ready.


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