Interactive Videos

Interactive videos give your viewer a personalized watching experience. With this new technology we can create content intended for individual viewer based on their input. As the name suggests, the viewer can actually “interact” with the video and provide input to see content “they want” to watch.

Here’s a quick DEMO.

A recent study indicates that around 74% of viewers find it irritating when the content in a video is not relevant to them. Researchers found out that 94% of the marketing experts and industry leaders consider personalization critical in any successful marketing campaign, and video marketing is no exception.

Key features:

1- Branching. Viewers are in the driving seat of the video, they can make series of choices as to what happens next or what they want to find out more about in the video. There are multiple routes and paths available to the viewer to choose from.

2- Hotspots or tagging. The video features “clickable” links for any additional information or to link to other resources online. The links can even be highlighted with a visual tag for an appealing look.

What interactive videos are good for?

Increase Engagement: Turn the passive viewers into engaged audience and make them feel part of the watching process. Improve the bounce rate on your site and make watching videos fun.

E-Learning: provide fluid learning experience by breaking the video material into multiple sections, add clickable buttons to share content, repeat or skip specific segments. Ask relevant questions and offer extra clarifications with sub videos nested inside the main video.

Customer Education: Train your customers and audience on how to use your product/service using an interactive video that takes them through the training material step-by-step in an organized and fun way.

Staff training: Make internal staff training easier and more effective by taking advantage of interactive videos. They can be trained how to handle certain situations and scenarios all from a comprehensive video that they can interact with.

Some of the interactive features we can add are…

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Why Trust wizMotions?

The team at wizMotions has produced more than 2,500 videos for over 1,000 different clients in every industry. We can turn any concept into an effective and affordable 2D animation video that can engage your audience and earn you an impressive return on investment (ROI).

 Other reasons you should choose wizMotions for your next 2D animation video include:

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