Doodle Videos

In today’s online landscape, it’s important to create content that stands out from the crowd and effectively connects with your audience. Online video content is one surefire way to grab their attention and make sure they get your message.

One of the more popular video styles we see online is doodle animation videos — also known as whiteboard videos. These videos feature a white or plain background with an illustration being drawn before your eyes and a narrating voice-over. The illustrations are usually drawn by an on-screen hand with a marker or pen.

Doodle videos may be simple in design, but they can significantly impact your audience and drive impressive results for your company.

What Makes These Videos So Effective?

Doodle animation videos are captivating for viewers because they get pulled in watching the illustrations form. As the drawings begin, they may become invested in waiting to see how the doodle is completed. The videos continuously move from one drawing to the next, keeping audiences entranced.

The simple line drawings are interesting enough to hold a viewer’s attention but not so interesting as to distract them from the narration. This means that as they watch the video, viewers can listen to the narrator and truly absorb the message you are trying to convey.

Because doodle videos often hold your audience’s attention, they can be longer in duration. These videos are a great tool for delivering a large amount of information or explaining complex topics that require detailed descriptions.

How We Produce Custom Doodle Animation Videos

Our team at wizMotions can produce effective and impactful custom doodle animation videos. We conduct every step of the process in-house with no middleman, which keeps your prices low and optimizes our turnaround times.

A doodle animation video heavily relies on a script and narration to deliver the message you want your viewers to hear, so we dedicate significant time to crafting the perfect script. wizMotions offers unlimited storyboard edits so we can nail it every time. When it’s done, one of our over 25 talented voice-over artists can record your finished script to bring your message to life.

At wizMotions, we typically complete affordable doodle animation videos in two to three weeks to meet your deadlines. If you’re strapped for time, let us know and we can expedite your project to get it done according to your required timeline.

Start Doodling With wizMotions

When you work with wizMotions, we will quickly become your trusted doodle video production company — more than 40% of our customers loved us so much they came back to make more videos.

Every project gets a devoted project manager dedicated to maintaining effective communication and keeping you in the loop about how your project is progressing. We’ll also check in with you for feedback at every point in the process to ensure you’re happy with how your video is coming together.

If you have a great video idea, contact us online and get a free, no-obligation consultation to find out how we can create your next doodle animation video.

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