Cartoon Videos

When you put a face to your message and use it to tell a story, your audience can feel entertained, interested and invested in the narrative’s outcome. While live-action videos can work for this purpose, cartoon videos offer all of the same characteristics with endless customizable options.

Cartoon videos are usually created in a 2D animation style with characters who interact with their world to tell your story. They’re just like the cartoons on television, but they communicate a branded message to your audience.

These videos are an excellent tool to deliver a branded message that allows viewers to forget they’re watching an advertisement.

Unlimited Customizations at No Extra Cost

When you work with a custom cartoon video maker such as wizMotions, we make your video from scratch. This ensures the video is exactly what you want with almost no limits. The possibilities are endless, from your storyboard, branding and cartooning style to the voice actors you select for your characters.

Use carefully selected cartoon styles to set the mood and send messages to your viewers. While cartoons are usually bright and fun, we can also create a dark or serious video using different drawing techniques.

If you can imagine it, we can turn it into an affordable cartoon video for you — and it’s all included for the same great price.

Characters That Foster Connections

Cartoon videos allow you to harness the power of good storytelling and character formation to entertain your audience and get them to connect with your desired messaging. 

People who watch cartoon videos often enjoy the content and form bonds with the characters. They may find something about the characters they relate to, which allows them to empathize and connect personally with the storyline.

Once your viewers have formed these strong ties to your content, they are far more likely to become conversions for your business. Your messaging will stick with them because they associate it with the emotions they felt while watching your video.

Benefits of Working With wizMotions

When you choose wizMotions as your cartoon video production company, you’ll join more than 2,100 satisfied customers who have worked with us to create effective and entertaining cartoon videos.

Our customers love us because we offer:

  • Unlimited revisions. We check with you for feedback every step of the way and allow unlimited revisions to your storyboard to ensure it’s exactly what you had in mind.
  • Fast turnaround times. We can meet most deadlines with turnaround times averaging two to three weeks. We can also expedite your project to get it done even sooner.
  • Clear pricing. You know exactly how much your video will cost because there are no hidden fees or surprise prices.
  • Completely original artwork. You never have to worry about copyright battles or duplicate art because everything we create is 100% custom and original.

Get Started Today

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