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Whiteboard Animation

What It Is

Like doodling, but so much better

Whiteboard animation is a technique that features the hand of an artist sketching live on a whiteboard and essentially illustrating a story for the viewer in a time-lapsed fashion until the final product is revealed. It’s hugely popular, totally captivating and decidedly effective.

How It Works

Historically reserved for the margins of spiral notebooks and budding artists, sketching has grown up and made its way into mainstream marketing in a very big way.

People love whiteboard animation because quite simply, it’s fun to watch and gives additional meaning to any script by harnessing the power of storytelling and allowing the audience to take part.

Incredible animations take time, and to fully express a concept or idea the proof is in the process. Each character, background, and object is hand-drawn digitally by one of our talented artists and then we use highly classified and totally top-secret (aka, proprietary) techniques to simulate the drawing.

Our process allows for easy revisions, giving clients the control they want and the ability to be involved as their vision takes on dimension.

Quick side note – whiteboards with motion add another level of interest because in addition to drawing, we add moving parts such as clouds floating or processes actually happening on the screen. We like it and so will you.

See It In Action

(MS) Monitoring Systems is a global company straight outta Finland and in the business of predicting and preventing major disasters with their innovative and life-saving technology.

Among other things, their tech monitors the structural health of bridges, buildings, tunnels, subways, gas/oil pipelines, etcetera so that we the people stay safe and sound as we go about the business of living.

Clearly, this is highly complex technology (think wind loads, vibration, erosion, and ground movement) used for large-scale construction projects (airports, hospitals, oil and gas) that affect the safety and welfare of millions of people. Explainish, please.

These fine folks asked us to package “what they do” in a way that was relatable and easy to understand and they needed a video that would serve 2 purposes;

first to explain what they do, how they do it, and who can benefit, and second, they needed a resource to be used in addition to their business plan for potential investors.

Whiteboard animation was the perfect choice for this complex, multi-faceted, and tech-heavy company.

What They Had To Say

(MS) Monitoring Systems

At the very beginning we were checking lots of companies and decided to go with wizMotions because of two things that mattered to us. First of all the communication – the guys from wizMotions responded very fast and were very professional in their answers. Second was a good price that we couldn’t get from other similar companies.

The video turned out to be very nice and we liked that we could contribute along the entire creation process. wizMotions is the company that will make sure to deliver exactly what you want with attention to details.

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2D Animation

What It Is

2D Animation, also known as cartoon animation,

uses characters interacting in a two dimensional world to tell a
story, communicate a message, and to speak to a specific audience.

How It Works

Animated explainer videos have a massive job but the goal is simple:

to tell a story about a product or idea and to demonstrate how said products or ideas are used. We use a variety of 2D techniques based upon our customer’s needs that produce incredible videos at an affordable price that get results.

Oh, and the fun part?

Our clients get to help create characters

exclusive to their brand to ensure the story speaks the language of their ideal customers, packs a powerful punch with poignant messaging, and that the video does what it’s supposed to do… Explain something in a way that’s easy to understand.

See It In Action

Brands At Work says,

“We are a boutique creative agency specialising in B2B and B2C marketing and event communications.”

Next, they say “And that tells you absolutely nothing about us whatsoever.” These are headlines on their website and right under these bold and daring declarations, there’s a little button that says “WATCH THIS”. Click and what do you find? An easy to understand and fun to watch video with Explainish as the first language, courtesy of wizMotions.

These guys came to us with their manifesto – a “what we believe in” declaration built from words alone – and they tasked us with creating a video that would lift it from paper and bring it alive. Their goals? To give potential customers a sense of their brand personality, to compel prospective clients to want to know more about them, to showcase their creativity, and to book more meetings.

What They Had To Say

Brands at Work

I loved how easy it was to work with you; how quickly you respond and moved the project along and kept us informed the entire way. Great experience working with you – well worth every dollar spent!

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3D Animation

What It Is

Technically, a 3D animation is one created using 3 planes of space

horizontal, vertical, forward and backward. It’s one of the most popular forms of animation because it just looks that much more amazing.

How It Works

Creating 3D animated videos is a lot of work but totally worth it as the final product has a realistic and visually rich element that 2D animation lacks.

We start with modelling the elements in each scene in 3D – simple, right?. Not so much! That translates to creating actual digital models for each character, each element, and each background. That’s a lot of groundwork right there.

Next, once the objects are modeled, an animated storyboard or playblast is created. Think of it as a “first draft” or a rough animation using the models to demonstrate how the animation will look. This gives our clients a chance to see how their video is shaping up and an opportunity to pull out the metaphorical red pen to request edits and make revisions.

Finally, we roll out the red carpet. Our animator will render the final video in high resolution and BOOM! It’s done. The client is left with an amazing video that tells their story, delivers their message to their specific audience, and gets the results they were hoping for.

See It In Action

Meet Drobo, makers of award-winning storage products that provide an unprecedented combination of data protection, expandability, and ease of use. Clearly they needed a speaker of Explainish to sort this out for their customers, because what does that even mean?

These guys have the distinct honor of being named one of The 10 Silicon Valley Companies You Wish You Worked For (or Started) by WIRED magazine, so you know they’re onto something good, but as it goes for many companies that sell technical products, words alone fall flat when it comes to explaining it to the general population.

They hired us to help introduce their new product, showcase its features and benefits in a way that was easy to understand, and to convince consumers to pull out the money and buy, buy, buy. 3D animation was the clear choice and the closest thing to a live demonstration which serves to break down the complex nature of the product and make it more user-friendly.

What They Had To Say


Finding a trusted partner who does quality work and actually takes the time to get to know our business and its unique needs was a challenge. Seeing the videos come to life is exciting. But the process was great too. Everyone at wizMotions is very friendly and worked with us. Use wizMotions even if it’s more expensive (which may or may not be the case) because of the great customer service, attention to detail and final product is awesome!

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Graphic Animation

What It Is

Graphic animation video at its core is moving shapes, elements, and sometimes characters to
convey a message.

These videos are 2D renderings served up in various styles and usually include motions graphics along with moving text. Generally speaking (though not a fast rule), this technique is not character or background based, but centrally focused on building around ideas and concepts.

How It Works

Our experienced team of professional artists and designers enjoy playing with 2D renderings
because they can take on a wide range of unique looks to suit the style of any customer.

Once our artist submits the storyboard, we can then manipulate the elements and backgrounds so our
clients can get an overall feel for the style of the video.

The next step is to start animating and, with a tweak-tweak here and a tweak-tweak there, we then present the final product to our client and they’re ready to go live in 3…2…1…

Typically best for direct marketing messages and always pairs well with voice overs, sound effects, and music.

See It In Action

SaaSplaza came to us NOT for a video that would help people pronounce their name properly, but for help promoting a new service.

Here’s what they say: “We make Cloud Technology work for you. SaaSplaza’s unique Cloud experience delivers the resources and expertise to ensure your move to Cloud is a world class experience, with the added benefit of working with a single provider meeting your global needs.”

Here’s what the public says: “Complex. Multifaceted. Send Help Now.” A clear case for some expert Explainish. The video we carefully pieced together spoke to their objective trifecta; to promote Azure Services, to explain the benefits of hiring these smarter-than-smart techies, and to drop a call to action that would flood their phones with calls from potential customers.

Graphic animation was an excellent choice for this project as they required messaging around direct marketing and the branding they already had in place complemented this particular style.

What They Had To Say

We were not sure our complex idea would be understood and communicated well in our video but we love the end result.The platform was incredibly easy to use and there was frequent, quick communication and updating throughout the entire process. Excellent and helpful staff who is great at communicating, makes sure they understand us completely, and delivers a great product quickly! This was one of the easiest processes in making a video we have ever had.

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