Video Contest! Pick your favorite and win $50 Amazon gift card!

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Hello everyone!  We are going to try some more friendly competition among our amazing team here at wizMotions!  I split the whole staff into 2 different teams, and each team chose one of their favorite videos that they did during the previous month.

Your job is to pick your favorite one!  Just watch the two short videos and then tell us your favorite by making a comment below!  The winning wizMotions team will win a cash prize…

And we’ll choose two voters at random to each win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Sound good?

I’ll announce the winning voter here on the page in the comments below on June 10th!

So here are the two videos…

Video 1:

Video 2:

Just let us know whether you like video 1 or video 2 in the comments below and it would be great if you let us know why you picked it!

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