Tips, Trends, Tidbits & Tools: 9 Video Marketing Articles to Help you Slay with Your Video Marketing

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Video marketing is all the rage now. Everywhere you look, you see one of those sideways triangles imploring you to click and play a video so you can hear someone’s marketing message. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes educational, video marketing is going to continue to dominate business marketing budgets.

If you’re just getting started with video or you have already gotten your toes wet and are now slogging around with soggy shoes, these nine articles will help you with your video marketing:

How to Mimic the Masterpiece Video Marketing of PBS

In this piece by Tubular Insights, Bree Brouer talks about what makes the Public Broadcasting Service so good at video marketing and how you can learn from what they do and use it in your own video marketing efforts. Plus, it has a super cute video starring Cookie Monster, so there’s that.

Read it here.

B2B video marketing trends: firms challenge publishers to help them do more

This NetImperative piece references a study conducted by LinkedIn that says video marketing is the biggest priority for B2B businesses. However, businesses are also not sure about how to measure the effectiveness of video marketing and they want publishing platforms to do more for them in this area.

Read it here.

How To Create High-Performance Video Marketing

From the vaunted (virtual) halls of Forbes comes this offering by Chris Frantz, which suggests that businesses concentrate on one or two high performing platforms for video rather than trying to spread themselves over multiple platforms. It also contains the cute, little phrase: “thumb-stopping content,” which we just love.

Read it here.

Why Your Facebook Videos Need to Be Different From What You Put on YouTube

Kinda sorta related to the last entry (but not really) is this one from Torrey Tayenaka on Entrepreneur, which talks about how you have to differentiate video on Facebook from video on YouTube because people are usually on these two sites for different reasons and in different circumstances. Therefore, you have to adjust your videos accordingly.

Read it here.

11 Ways to Create a Strategy for Live Video Marketing

Specific to live video, this Edgy Labs blog post by Sophie Fitzpatrick goes into detail about how to use live video to draw people into your brand, which platform would be best for your specific business and what you need to do to make it must-watch television. Well, must watch video, anyway.

Read it here.

Get started on your very own 2D Animation Video.

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Google launches Reach Planner for YouTube & video ad forecasting in AdWords

Straight up news here, as Ginny Marvin outlines the newest tool from Google to help marketers figure out how far their video ads will reach. This sounds like it’s going to be a highly useful tool. It’s currently in beta testing. We bet it’ll see a lot of usage once it gets fully released.

Read it here.

Google expanding YouTube Director onsite video ad service to more than 170 cities

More exciting news from Google, as Amy Gesenhues outlines how the company is expanding its YouTube Director onsite service from just six initial launch cities to a whole heckuva lot more now. If you’re not familiar with YouTube Director onsite video ad service, it’s basically coaching from a personal ad director who will help you create a professional looking ad as long as you commit to spending at least a minimum amount on Google ads.

Read it here.

Stop Thinking of Video Content Like TV: Creating a Modern Video Experience

Apparently a lot of marketers still think of online video marketing in terms of television and Jonathan Crowl implores those marketers to stop thinking of it that way. He instead says brands should take inspiration from Lowe’s on how to come up with a video strategy that employs a connected content creation and distribution plan that puts the brand front and center rather than YouTube or any other platform.

Read it here.

How to Use Video Design To Increase Your Conversion Rate

“Video design” isn’t a term you hear a lot of when talking about video marketing. It’s the general look of your video and how all the shots are set up and what title cards are used, etc. In this Business2Community piece, Anton Eliasson tells you how you can create a professional looking video without having to shell out a buncha money.

Read it here.

No matter if you’re big or small, a startup or well established, if you’re in the business of making money, you’re going to need to use video to entice your audience and turn them into customers. One type of video that works amazingly well for that is a 2D animated explainer video. Click here to get started on planning and pricing your very own 2D animation video.

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