6 + 1 Tips For Creating A Great Explainer Video & Hiring The Right Company

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6 Tips For Creating A Top-Notch Explainer Video Plus
One Unethical Trick Most Video Animation Companies Are Using
To “Manipulate” Buyers  — And How To Avoid It!

thumbnailMaking a decision to use video as a way to explain your business can feel like a big deal. Formatting, content, look and feel, tone – all of these pieces have to fit together just right and in a way that leaves your customer knowing what you do and thinking YOU are the best option in achieving the result they want.

Animated video accomplishes your goals in a way few other communication methods can – it’s entertaining and instructional all at once. It can also have a few pitfalls, so let’s talk about some things that can impact the creation of your explainer video

But what can derail your efforts?

Mistake #1: You don’t have a CLEAR understanding of what you want out of your video.

You can spend a million dollars on a business idea, but if you don’t know what you want to get out of it – what the result should be – then nothing created about the idea will satisfy you. So the first thing you want to consider is…

What should the end-result be?

What is your expectation from anything generated by the idea?

Once you have this clearly in mind, then you can move forward into a creative process.

Mistake #2: If your message does not communicate at a DEEP EMOTIONAL LEVEL – better don’t communicate at all!

If you haven’t found a way to get your customers emotionally charged, don’t despair – and definitely don’t decide that you shouldn’t communicate at all.

We know that engaging emotions helps target a message, so depend on experts to find the best ways to tie your message in at the emotional level needed to get your concepts across.

Mistake #3: Not a strong enough call-to-action (or worse, no call-to-action at all).

Your second most important element beyond the end-result is a message that gets your customer to take action and buy from you. Highly experienced copywriters have the ability to gain the proper understanding of your concepts so they can aim the video at the right call-to-action tone, and have it hit the target.

Mistake #4: Worrying that the video script is too long (or too short) – viewers might be bored and lose interest in what you have to say.

How long should my video script be?

The short and easy answer is, as long as it takes to say what you need to say.

So we know that people buy for emotional reasons – it’s rarely logical. And the truth is that as long as your message communicates with emotional “hot” buttons, there’s nothing written in stone that says a video should be any particular length.

Most high-converting videos are actually between 10-20 minutes long, and why is that? It is because the content is interesting and people are watching it because they really want to solve a problem.

Mistake #5: Using abstractions or poor word choices that do not carry the message.

Some words have 100 times more power than other words with the exact same meaning.

For example think about the words cash, money and dollar.

Which one generates the clearest message for you?

Well, let’s start with “cash” – what do you imagine? It could be a bunch of coins or it could be a mix of dollars and coins. You get the concept, but don’t have a really clear idea on what to actually visualize – it’s too abstract. The same thing happens with “money”.

Now think about “dollar” – all of a sudden, you have a VERY specific idea and visualization of what that is and what it looks like. It’s a $1 dollar bill. BOOM!

Usually, every word has many synonyms, or substitutions you could make, but when you’re writing a sentence where you must get a specific point across, you have to make sure you’re using the RIGHT words that trigger specific and clear images for a person. This is a VERY critical factor when creating a video script. Top-notch copywriters who are well trained in creating a video script that can reliably convert people who need solutions into action-takers who will want YOU to help them solve their problems.

Mistake $6: Thinking of explainer videos as a business expense instead of an investment.

Some of the biggest names in a wide range of industries are using explainer videos to get their message across to consumers who are increasingly hooked on visuals.

They’ve left the old-school presentation behind and found a better way to engage potential customers.

If you want to differentiate yourself from the completion and impress your audience, simplify complicated procedures and messages so customers feel like taking action to have you solve their problem, and ultimately explain your product or service in a way that anyone can understand, then high-quality, cost-effective animated video is the best tool available that can convince them to buy from YOU!

Mistake #7: Hiring companies who have their prices hidden (i.e. – “Call for a Quote”).

Most video animation companiess have their prices hidden, and if you ask them why they’ll most likely answer that each project is different…they wouldn’t know the workload that is required therefore cost is individual to the job.

The truth is they want the opportunity to determine if you may have a higher budget than their “normal” prices, and they don’t want to throw away the chance to take advantage of deeper pockets. Conversely, if your budget is low, chances are they’ll suddenly drop the price just to get you as a customer.

While the practice is common, is this really the kind of company you want to do business with for the long-term?

Here at wizMotions we can absolutely make your idea/product/service come alive with explainer videos that capture a customer’s attention, hit their emotional hot buttons and engage their take-action response.

We have the in-house talent that can write your script and illustrate it to create storyboards that convey your message – and everything must have your stamp of approval before we take the next step.

When we’ve captured exactly what you want to get across, we can produce the HD video with professional voice overs (in 50 languages, by the way) that will sell your product or service…all for a very affordable price.

You have unlimited revision capability, access to project status monitoring, live chat availability and 12-hour-response to email queries – all to provide you with world-class, friendly service that can’t be beat anywhere in the industry.

Contact us today, and get started on the best marketing experience you will ever have… with wizMotions!

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