The Power of Telling Your Brand Story with Video

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Who you are as a business matters. What you stand for. How you started. Your journey of success as well as the hurdles you’ve had to overcome are important. It’s something that potential customers and even current customers seem to be looking into more and more these days. They want to know to whom their hard-earned dollars are going when choosing a product or vendor. Sometimes it is even a matter of self-interest in needing to know that their association with utilizing your business will reflect favorably upon their own persona or company. So, what you put out there about your business and who you are really does matter. Knowing this should get you thinking about how best to present yourself. The answer I’d like to present is a video. Consumers enjoy video. It’s entertaining. It’s engaging. It stops the scroll and captures interest. Video brings people together and allows them to escape their reality for even a moment to join in the world you are presenting.

Now when people think of an “about us” video they often automatically visualize a “behind the scenes” film crew following you around and editing an interview series documentary approach. While that may be an effective method for your business you might find it quite taxing on your schedule and budget. Have no fear though, there are other options, which you may enjoy even more!

An animated video can take your viewers on a journey like no other because the physical limitations have been removed. With animation, the visuals lead the engagement, transporting viewers to another world and allowing them to become immersed in it. In this case, that’s your business story.

An incredible example of this is the “behind the scenes” story of Coco Chanel. The brand Chanel is associated with great luxury, sophistication, class, and style. However, the actual story behind the founder, Gabrielle Chanel’s upbringing was far from glamorous. In fact, her story is one of struggle and triumph. The animated video created to tell the story of Chanel’s beginnings is exceptional. It perfectly captivates viewers with its tone, unique classy black and white style, and attention-grabbing graphics. While they could have easily used actual photographs and video clips to tell this story it was far more interesting with the use of animated graphics. Each factoid and moment is represented visually, further promoting its importance and speaking to the demographic of individuals who are solely visual learners. Take a couple of minutes to watch the video here:

Animated brand stories have very few limitations. It’s your story. Be the hero. Show the world how grand you are and why they should want to do business with you, purchase your product, or support your cause.

Ready to get started on an animated brand video? Have questions on how your story can be created and shown to the world? Contact WizMotions today and let us help show the world why your business or brand should be a household name.

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