Testimonial Videos

When customers have a remarkably good — or bad — experience with a company, they want to tell everyone about it. Many online platforms allow customers to leave reviews for everyone to see. If a consumer has something noteworthy to say, you should consider harnessing that positivity and turning it into a testimonial video.

Customer testimonial videos feature your happy clients talking about how great your business or product is and how it positively impacted their lives. 

Generally, the customer introduces themselves and creates context for the review by discussing their life before the purchase. Then, they talk about how the purchase solved their problem and how they felt about the whole process.

These videos can be powerful marketing tools because they amplify a positive message about your business or product to other potential customers in a format that is easy to watch and share.

How Testimonial Videos Drive Sales

Reading reviews of a product or service is usually one of the final steps a customer takes before deciding whether to make a purchase. People don’t trust businesses to portray their products accurately, so they rely on information from customers who have taken the leap they are about to take themselves.

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the oldest and most effective strategies for marketing businesses and products. People buy goods recommended by other individuals whose opinions they value. 

Customer testimonial videos allow you to harness this organic referral system to lend credibility and reliability to your business or product.

Additionally, testimonial videos create a relatable narrative and allow viewers to emotionally connect with the story, which enables your product to have a greater impact.

Animated Testimonial Videos

Most testimonial videos feature the customer sitting on camera delivering their review of your product or company. While this format can be effective, it can also be boring and generic. Consider an animated custom testimonial video maker like wizMotions to add a unique twist.

Animations bring your testimonial video’s narrative to life and depict your customer’s journey as they describe the impact your products have had. The illustrations set the scene and provide interesting visuals that keep your viewers engaged and invested in the tale’s outcome.

Creating animated videos is quicker and less expensive than producing a live-action video, plus the possibilities are endless. You can show the customer’s full story without involving actors, props or a bunch of expensive cameras.

At wizMotions, we offer four different animation styles for your customer testimonials: 

If you’re not sure which style will work best for your video, our team of creative geniuses can help you find the perfect fit.

Create Eye-Catching Testimonials With wizMotions

If you search the web, you’ll find many testimonial video creation tools that promise to help you make videos that influence your potential leads. But content created using these video testimonial tools is usually generic, forgettable and made from templates duplicated around the web.

With an affordable testimonial video company like wizMotions, you get a 100% custom, 100% awesome testimonial video that helps bolster your business and drive sales.

If you’re ready to start creating custom animated testimonial videos, contact us through the phone or schedule a time to talk with our team for a no-commitment consultation.

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