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When you are making marketing decisions, it’s always helpful to have up-to-date data to help you make those decisions. Every year, Animoto releases a colorful infographic about video marketing insights based on  an annual survey they perform. These highlights from the results of The State of Social Video 2017: Marketing in a Video First World ” come from this past June and can give you a sense of how best to approach your video marketing strategy in 2018, because video is only going to keep getting more important in marketing. To get their insights, Animoto surveyed 1,000 consumers and also 500 marketers who work at companies that had created at least two videos in the prior year.

The Highlights

On the consumer side:

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  • Where are they watching videos?
    • 84% watch videos on their mobile device
  • When are they watching videos?
    • 33% during lunch hour
    • 43% during the afternoon
    • 56% during the evening
    • 38% before bed
    • 16% in the middle of the night
  • Where do consumers engage with branded videos on a daily basis?
    • 49% – Facebook
    • 32% – YouTube
    • 24% – Instagram
    • 22% – Snapchat
    • 22% – Twitter
  • How much do branded videos influence purchasing decisions?
    • 64% of consumers say watching a branded social video influenced a purchasing decision within the prior month
  • When it comes to liking and sharing, people are most inclined to like and share:  
    • Behind-the-scenes videos
    • Funny videos
    • Educational videos
    • Emotional videos

On the marketer side:

  • At companies that have created at least two videos within the prior year:
    • 48% create 4 or more videos every month
    • 27% create 6 or more videos every month
  • How are they creating these videos?
    • 92% of marketers make videos with assets they already have
    • 81% of marketers optimize their social videos for mobile viewing
    • 39% specifically create square and/or vertical videos
  • Should you use sound?
    • 85% of video on Facebook is watched with the sound off, according to Digiday and 39% of consumers are more likely to finish watching a video with subtitles
    • 65% of marketers use text over images either most of the time or always
    • 51% of marketers use closed captioning either most of the time or always

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How Animation Fits Into It

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So, it’s clear that you should be pumping out quickly made videos with assets that you already have (think photos and graphics), but you should also be considering more of an investment in video content. According to the Animoto survey, of the marketers they asked:
  • 63% invested in Facebook video
  • 51% invested in YouTube video
  • 25% invested in Twitter video
  • 25% invested in Instagram video
Most were planning to spend more on video in the coming year:
  • 63% were planning on investing more in Facebook video
  • 62% were planning on investing more in YouTube video
  • 52% were planning on investing more in Twitter video
  • 50% were planning on investing more in Instagram video
This, of course, brings us to animated video. Unfortunately, Animoto’s infographic didn’t get into any specifics about animation in marketing videos. Although animated videos obviously cost more than simply turning on your phone and recording something you can easily share (or tossing some photos together to make a quick slideshow video), we’ve long heard from our clients that animation videos have an excellent return on investment. If you are planning on having a steady output of videos for marketing purposes, an animated explainer video or series of videos makes a superb “anchor video” that the rest of your video marketing strategy can build from. You can put your animated explainer video on your homepage or on a landing page and then use the rest of your quick and easy videos to point people to that page. Finding the video strategy that works best for you will take time, effort, trial and error, but with the right assets and the right data, you can figure it out and start reaping the rewards in this video-first online world. Let WizMotions help you develop an anchor piece for your video marketing strategy. Click here to get started on planning and pricing your very own whiteboard animation video.

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