Sales Videos

People on the internet are constantly bombarded with product advertisements. They see so many ads every day that they don’t even seem to notice them anymore. How do you get noticed and make sales in this crowded landscape?

Custom sales animation videos are an excellent option to make folks stop scrolling and check out your ad. Video movement captures viewers’ attention and makes them stop in their tracks. Once they start watching, they get sucked into the narrative and stick with it to see how the video ends.

Once you’ve captured their attention, you can deliver your sales pitch and convince your viewer to become a customer.

How Sales Videos Drive Conversions

Custom sales animation videos have gained popularity in recent years because the format allows advertisements to draw in audiences on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where users effortlessly scroll right past images and text. These platforms also make it easy for users to share videos they enjoy and spread video ads far and wide.

Videos are entertaining and make information simple to access and understand. They help make a positive first impression on potential customers and keep them on your website or page longer than text and images would. People skim text and miss out on important information, but they watch and learn everything they need to know about your brand or product with videos.

Videos often provide a narrative or storyline that allows viewers to connect on a personal level. This emotional connection makes them more inclined to feel a bond with your brand and make a purchase. 

Animation Videos for Sales

Create custom graphic videos for sales with animations from wizMotions. Animated videos are fun, colorful and entertaining enough to keep your audience focused and provide all the information they need.

These unique videos provide endless possibilities for mood, tone and storyline, allowing you to make the presentation exactly what you want without driving your budget through the roof. Plus, with animated videos, you have unlimited opportunities to incorporate your brand into the imagery and make a strong impact.

At wizMotions, we offer four animation styles for sales videos:

  • 2D animations: These animations are basically cartoons, with character-driven storylines in a two-dimensional world. 
  • 3D animations: These beautiful, detailed animations give you a live-action look without the added expense of finding sets and props.
  • Graphic animations: Simple graphic design elements and typography provide a dynamic and visually appealing video. 
  • Whiteboard animations: These classic animations feature a hand drawing out an illustration line by line.

If you’re not sure which animation style would be best for your sales video, no worries! Our team of experts can help.

Why Choose wizMotions?

When you work with wizMotions, we produce every part of your project in-house to keep prices low and give you outstanding, affordable animation videos for sales. Our team of writers, designers, animators, artists and voice actors is ready to take on any project you have in mind.

wizMotions videos are designed based on proven neuroscientific principles to get into your viewers’ heads and convince them they need to make a purchase. We combine our extensive experience with your incredible ideas and products to produce memorable, visually stunning videos that will surely drive sales.

Call us to get started or schedule a time for a no-obligation consultation with our team.

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