ROI for Animated Videos Sky High for US, UK Businesses

Animated explainer videos can be used in pretty much any context as a fun way to illustrate a complex subject. Rather than just giving someone a block of text to read through or a talking head to look at, they bring an air of fun to whatever it is you’re explaining and help to keep people’s attention.

We asked a couple of business people how having an animated explainer video has affected their website traffic and their companies’ revenue and they said their animated videos have done wonders for both.

Our interviewees:

Co-founder of Gene Caballero (GC).

YourGreenPal co-founder Gene Caballero







Marketing executive for Jumpstart R & D Max Robinson (MR).

Jumpstart R & D marketing executive Max Robinson







What is the main goal of the animated videos that you use on your site?  

GC – We wanted a fun way to explain what we do to our potential customers.  Instead of them having to read boring text, we figured this is a much better way to explain what we do.

MRThe main goal is to keep people on our site for longer, as well as to educate them about what we do in a fun and easily digestible format.

How long have you been using animated video on your site?

Sean MacEntee/Flickr

GC – 4 years now

MRWe’ve had the animated video on our website for about a year now.

Why did you choose animation over other types of video?  

GC – Animation is more fun and engaging to our demographic.

MRWe felt that it would reflect our fun personality better, and we felt that viewers would be more engaged.

Briefly explain the process of how you came up with your script and how much input you had on the visuals for your video.  

GC – The founding team did the script. We laid out the main points we wanted to explain and tried to add as much humor as we could.  We did the entire story board as well.  We didnt want to waste time with confusion on what we wanted to portray.  

MR We came up with the script by working with a comedian, and we gave the animator access to all of the graphics that we had made for us previously.

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How has it affected your website traffic?

GC – At least once a week, we get a compliment about it.  Putting a number on it is hard but it is very shareable on social media so it has certainly aided in our growth.  

MROur ‘what we do’ page is now among the highest traffic pages on our website, and metrics like our bounce rate have reduced dramatically on that page (from around 50% to 25%)

How have you seen your revenues affected since you started using animated videos on your site?


GC – I would say that it has increased our overall revenues by at least 10%. It’s a great way to explain how our business works.

MRWe’ve started to generate more leads through our website since adding the video. There is a feature in Google Analytics called ‘User Flow’ where you can track how people move around your website, and we’ve noticed that people who land on our page with the animated video will almost always proceed to contact us or fill in our form.

What has been the ROI of your animated video?  

GC – The ROI has been at least 10x what we paid for it. We paid $10k for the video and it has been the only asset that we have kept over the many faces of our website.

MR – The video has paid for itself hundreds of times over, without a doubt.

From yard care to taxes, animated explainer videos can have a profoundly positive effect on a business, as illustrated above. To see exactly how much more traffic and revenue an animated video can generate for you, click here to schedule an appointment with WizMotions.

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