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Having an explainer video made is just the first step in using one for your business. Once you get the thing made, you have to promote it so people will watch it. Skywriting the url of the video over major cities is obviously the most effective way to promote it, but let’s take a look at some other tactics you can use to promote your video once you have it made.

Put it on Your Site


We’ll start with the most obvious one. This is probably why you got the thing made in the first place. Having your video on your site boosts your SEO by increasing time spent on your site and decreasing the bounce rate from your site.

Videos also serve to answer many of the questions a visitor to your site will have about your business, mainly the “What does your business do?” question. You can replace thousands of words of text that, frankly, nobody is reading anyway, with a short, compelling video.

While there are different ways you can use your video on your website, putting it above the fold will help, so people don’t have to scroll or click around too much to find it.

Optimize it for SEO


Speaking of SEO, you can help people find your video easier by optimizing it specifically for search engines. The title should be succinct and alluring. Give people a reason to click on the video. The description should give a quick outline about what the video contains. You can also make the transcript of the video available on your site somewhere. That will allow people who can’t watch the video to get the information contained in it and it will also help with SEO. And, obviously, don’t forget the most important aspect of SEO: Words that are key.

Optimize it for and Share it on Social Media

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Another obvious one, but here’s the thing about sharing your video on social media: Don’t just share the link to wherever the video appears on your site, actually upload it to whatever social media sites you’re using and host them as native videos on those sites. This allows you to take advantage of any features specific to the site like autoplay on Facebook, for example. Don’t forget a transcription of the video so viewers can read the subtitles if they don’t want to turn the sound up.

Optimize it for Mobile

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A lot of people who view your video are going to watch it on a mobile device, which is why you want to make sure your video is optimized for mobile devices. A quick rundown on how to do this is:

  • Pick a good thumbnail
  • Start with a good hook at the beginning of your video
  • Keep cuts quick so the video has a good pace
  • Use some dramatic angles for visual interest
  • Have good audio, but don’t make the video dependent on the audio
  • Use large, bold print if you have to use print
  • Keep your calls to action simple

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Use it in Presentations


You need not just use your video online. You can even use it in real live life, too. Trade shows, business meetings, employee orientations, investor presentations, corporate events or any other time you need to tell people about your brand is a good time to show your video. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife of versatility.

Track your Video’s Results

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Okay, this one is cheating a bit since it’s not technically promotion, but you should do it anyway. Just like everything else online, you can get tons of data about your video like how many people watched it. Depending on the platform you use to host it, you can get all kinds of other information, too. Wistia, for example, creates heatmaps for each view that shows you which parts of the video a given viewer watched, which parts they skipped over and which parts they rewatched. It also gives you trend graphs so you can see how all your videos hosted on the platform are performing over time.

The data will help you figure out the ROI on your video and help you plan future content. The heatmaps are especially helpful when planning future content. If a certain portion of a video is consistently skipped, there’s no need to concentrate on that any further and if certain parts are rewatched, you may have to make an entirely separate video to go over those parts more thoroughly.

You can have the best video in the world, but it won’t be of much use if people don’t know about it. Promoting a video isn’t difficult if you know how to do it. While the promotion is up to you, we can help you with the video part. Click here to schedule an appointment with WizMotions to see how we can help you make the perfect business video.

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