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How Much Do Custom Videos Cost?

Here’s an idea of what your investment would be to hire us to tell your unique story
* Not sure what style is right for you?

Refer to our Video Styles Page or hop on a call with our team.” 

2D Cartoon Animation

Starting at: $1297

Whiteboard Animation

Starting at: $797

Graphic Animation

Starting at: $1297

3D Animation

Starting at: $2997

Interactive video

Starting at: $1297



Taking your complex message and making it easy to understand is what our copywriters do best. Our clients are a central part of the messaging process because our goal is to help you achieve your goal and with us as your partner, this part is easy.







Whatever your end goal might be, we have professional writers who live for this stuff. And don’t worry – their job is to nail the voice and tone you’re going for so you’ll never get stuck with a script that you don’t like or that clashes with your brand. It’s Explainish done right.


You’ve made it this far, so go that extra mile and let a professional tell your story with tact and deliberation. Thinking of doing it yourself? Not only is narrating a video harder than it looks but it’s a risky choice that could jeopardize the overall quality of your final product.
We’ve got you covered in the voiceover department. Whether you want British debonair, classic American or something totally different, our diverse selection of voices and personalities are sure to resonate with your audience and do justice to the message you’re sharing.

The Process

STEP 1: Contact Us

It all starts with a simple call – this is where our team will answer your questions and help you decide what video style will best suit your needs.

STEP 2: The Creative Brief

Here we get to know more about you and your company with an onboarding process specifically designed to uncover the most important elements of who you are. By diving deep into your mission, vision, and goals, our team can better understand your business or project while simultaneously gathering material for the next steps in production.

STEP 3: Script Writing /

When you hire us, you’re entering into a partnership and as a client, you’ll be as involved as possible as we bring your vision to life. Now that we’ve completed the groundwork, we’ll keep the ball rolling with a script that flows with the visual aspects of your video, says all the right things, and gets your audience right where you want them.

STEP 4: Illustrations &

We’ll deliver illustrations and graphics right to your inbox for feedback and approval – watch as your project literally comes to life.

STEP 5: Voice Over

Explainish is easy when you let our voice over professionals narrate your video. Choose from an array of different languages, accents, and personalities – just let us know what tone you’re going for and we’ll make it happen.

STEP 6: Animation Production

Here’s where it gets good and you finally get to see the pieces fall into place. We’ll take everything we’ve done so far and put it all together.

The price per minute given  in the calculator quote is the full price. No other taxes are charged.

Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Check

Style of video, Length of the video, and Video add-ons chosen

Price per minute, Kinetic Typography

Yes, clients can choose to include royalty free music

The clients can choose script writing as an add-on service. Additional payment required.

The client owns the rights to the final video in MP4 format. The source files are however wizMotions’ property. 

Typically 3-4 weeks depending on client responsiveness and number of revisions. We do have expedited delivery of 5 or 10-business days, but that service is an additional cost.

Yes, as mentioned above with expedited service.

Creative Brief completed by the client, Script/storyboard writing, Visual Storyboard, Voice-over/Video production. We get the client’s approval in each phase to be sure that the final outcome is exactly what the client had envisioned.

We’re open to changes in each phase of the project especially we offer unlimited revisions (within reason) on the storyboard. However If, after production, changes are needed to the script, voice-over and/or artwork, then clients will need to pay post production editing fee. It is highly encouraged that clients work closely with their Project Manager and address any issues during each phase of the video creation process.

Yes, we can produce multiple simultaneously.

To start a video, a 50% deposit on full price is required if paying by CC or bank transfer. If paying by check, full payment is required.

The length is determined by needs, content and idea clients are trying to deliver. There is not a one size fits all approach.

Yes, we will gladly use a clients’ script. 

Not sure which video style is best?

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