4 Popular Animated Video Logos To Get Inspired

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An animated logo is simply the brand identity of a company that has been put into motion. The idea behind an animated logo is much like that of an animated film. The image is created and then advanced frame by frame in order to produce motion.

Animated logos are flashy and are a great eye catcher, helping to attract additional business in any industry and setting you apart from your still-logo competitors. Here are some examples of really cool animated logos:

Dreamworks Entertainment

Dreamworks Entertainment has many variations of their animated logo that air before the feature presentation. And each one has been fully customized to the film that is being shown. This particular logo is one of the latest iterations and has been well received by movie buffs, both for it’s beautiful imagery and it’s score.

Walt Disney Pictures & Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney has been producing eye catching animated logos for a very long time. As a matter of fact, they produce some of the most recognizable animated logos on the planet. This latest iteration has been well received, receiving high marks for its beautiful animation.

Northland Cable Ad

This animated logo was designed to demonstrate how dynamic and awesome cable television really is, and the message is being heard loud and clear by existing customers and potential customers in their service area.


This simple, yet elegant animated logo from BMW does a great job of pairing brand id with animation that demonstrates the excitement and adrenaline rush of driving a BMW. The logo has been very effective in communicating a message of speed and agility, the hallmarks of a performance driving machine.

As you can see, the use of animated logos is a powerful advertising tool that captures the eyes and imaginations of those who see them. They elicit strong emotions in their target audiences and have the ability to raise the bar on brand recognition and customer loyalty.

So, if your business is looking for a way to boost brand awareness and reach an entirely new customer base, it might be time to consider animating your logo. We can help you bring your logo to life. For more information regarding the logo animation services WizMotions provides, please contact us.

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