Marketing Animation Videos

The internet is a vast and wild place with billions of websites and tons of businesses vying for the attention of potential customers around the world. In this extensive and sometimes overwhelming landscape, you have to find a way to set yourself apart from the crowd and get your message to your target audience.

Animated advertisements and marketing videos offer you the chance to get your business seen by viewers who could become leads.

Why Videos Are an Effective Marketing Tool

Our advertisement video-making company knows video ads can cut through the masses of online information and deliver messages in ways that stick. We make all our videos using proven principles of neuroscience that help us break into your potential customers’ brains so they can engage with your brand.

People love videos because they are entertaining to watch and satisfy the need for immediate, easy-to-understand information about a product, brand, business or idea. No matter how complex the topic is, a marketing animation video can simplify it.

Videos get more shares and better viewership because they create connections with your audience that are hard to achieve through text and images alone. While many of these benefits can be accomplished through live-action marketing videos, animated videos allow for endless possibilities for customization without driving your project budget through the roof. 

Types of Animated Marketing Videos

Animated marketing videos encompass a wide range of different video styles that can be used in several ways to effectively communicate with your audience. At wizMotions, we offer four types of animations, each with its own advantages and style:

Graphic animation

These videos are simple and effective for conveying information that would otherwise be skimmed, skipped over or hard to understand.

2D animation

Often character-driven, these cartoon animation videos entertain and create emotional investments and bonds with your audience.

3D animation

Stunningly detailed 3D videos are great for explaining difficult technical concepts or highlighting your products’ beauty.

Whiteboard animation

In these videos, a hand creates illustrations on a whiteboard to keep your viewers captivated while a narrator delivers your message.

We can create videos for any message or purpose with these four animation techniques, including explainer videos, benefit overviews, demonstrations, frequently asked questions (FAQs), internal communications and anything else you can think of.

Our Animated Video Ad Creation Services

wizMotions is a full-service advertisement video maker, creating every part of your animated marketing video from scratch. We eliminate the middleman and keep prices low by doing everything in-house — from crafting eloquent scripts and compelling storylines to recording voice-overs and drawing custom animations for your videos.

When you work with wizMotions, we consult with you every step of the way for feedback. We want to ensure your video perfectly portrays your message to the intended audience. We offer unlimited revisions to your storyboard so we can be sure we’re always on the right track.

Do you have an animated video in mind that you need help creating? Let us know! You can call us at 732-943-3337 or contact us online to find out more about how we can help.

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