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Internal communication can make or break a company. When done well, it makes everyone feel connected and creates a happy and effective team. However, poor communication can cause staff to become disengaged, retention rates to plummet and work to get missed. 

Refresh the way you connect with your staff by using animated internal communication videos. These videos can communicate anything with your staff in a fun and engaging way. 

Use videos for training, troubleshooting, updates and announcements, onboarding and anything else you would usually send in an email.

Communicate Better With Animated Videos

As the digital-native generation continues to enter the workforce, employers need to start thinking like they do. This includes forgetting some of the traditional staples of business in favor of more modern, tech-savvy techniques. 

Instead of having everyone in an office space together attending meetings, businesses are starting to support more remote workers. You can touch base with these employees through internal communication animated videos. These are often asynchronous videos sent to employees so they can watch them whenever they have time. This simplifies work with employees in different time zones and prevents large interruptions in work schedules. 

Compared to other forms of internal communication, videos provide greater engagement and ensure employees retain more information. Our brains are wired to connect images with auditory cues for better recollection and comprehension. Plus, your employees are much more likely to ignore or skim a long text-based email.

While emails are easy to misread, animated internal communication videos effectively communicate a tone and sense of community that can improve morale.

Our Animated Videos for Internal Communication

While live-action talking head videos can be effective for some simple communications, animation often provides a better format for explainer videos, training, storytelling and data reports. In an animated video, the only limit is your imagination — and you can do it all without having to scout locations, hire actors or pay for special effects.

wizMotions offers four styles of animation for internal communication custom animated videos:

Each style has distinct features that make them suited for communicating different subjects. Our team can help you determine which animation style best fits your topic to create the most effective and engaging video.

Choose Internal Communication Videos From wizMotions

At wizMotions, we do everything we can to ensure a smooth process and outstanding final product. Our team of creative experts is ready to help bring your vision to life so you can communicate effectively with your staff.

What sets wizMotions apart? We produce every part of your animated internal communication videos in-house, from the script and storyboard to the animations and voice-overs. You can also provide feedback every step of the way to ensure the resulting video is exactly what you need.

Your final video is always 100% custom — created from scratch according to your specifications — so you never have to worry about copyrights or seeing your work pop up somewhere else. 

If you’re ready to get started creating custom internal communication videos with wizMotions, contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation.

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