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So, you’ve done it, you made the decision to jump into whiteboard video animation and now have an incredible new video. It excites you. It explains your product, your process, or trains employees on how to operate within your business. Instead of having to explain the same thing repeatedly you can now save yourself time and energy by simply pushing play. The question is now, what do you do with it?

Embed on your website:

One of the first places you should consider utilizing your new video is on your company website. If it involves a sale or new product launch what better way to grab the attention of your visitors than have them see the news in video form? It basically serves as a commercial. Or maybe your video details your company or founder’s beginnings and purpose. The “About Us” section of your website would be greatly enhanced with a video.

Now if your new video is a training video your website probably isn’t the best place. That said, for most other purposes, your website is indeed a great place to start.

Post on social media:

These days every business, new venture, and entrepreneur is expected to have a social media presence. While posting text updates and photos is great, video is the new preferred medium and has been shown to improve social algorithms, increase engagement, and keep viewers on your profile longer.

Additionally, your video can be reposted several times. Schedule it to post on a regular basis such as every other week if it is about your company’s purpose, an explainer video on your products or services, or a related concept. The longevity of your video depends on its content. Some whiteboard videos are entirely evergreen while others have an expiration.

Play in your place of business:

Do you have a television screen or monitor hanging somewhere in your place of business? If so, shouldn’t you be reminding visitors of how great you are and what you have to offer? Play your video on a loop or have it play every hour on the hour.

If you have a waiting room this is the ultimate captive audience. They’re at your facility so you’ve already sold them on your business enough to get their foot in the door. As they sit and wait you have been provided with the opportunity to either continue to increase their confidence in your business or suggest upsells of other products and services you offer.

Send in your emails:

Think of the number of emails that are sent every day either from you personally or to customers via mass email campaigns as well as individualized follow-ups. What if your video was embedded in your signature link? Even if only one percent of recipients notice it and click the video, that’s one percent more than had viewed your video before. Little bits add up.

Additionally, you can send out an email to everyone on your marketing list featuring your video as the spotlight message. People genuinely love watching videos, especially when they are engaging. Consider how much time the average person spends scrolling Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, and YouTube…videos are the most in demand link to customer experiences, education, and engagement.

Just like you, we’re excited for your new whiteboard animation video and encourage you to make the most of this incredible video medium to further your company’s mission.

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