How to Solve the Problem of Training with Animated Video

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Ever wondered how to solve the problem of training with an Animated Video? Training is a necessary part of every business. Whether it is operating procedures, employee protocol, machinery operations or even simply how to full in timesheets and payroll forms; these practices require instruction. Without proper instruction, systems and processes fail to run smoothly causing disruptions in service and productivity. On the flip side, an animated training video that’s well-planned & structured can offer training on demand and save lots of time and energy. 

In person training is great for its personal touch but adds a new task for already busy management personnel. Additionally, its repetitive nature can prove taxing on the individual responsible for coordinating these events. Also, what happens when the training coordinator leaves for vacation, has an unexpected absence, departure or other circumstances which prevent them from fulfilling their role? A business can be stuck in a rut or even worse, fall victim to improper employee procedural protocol in these instances which creates further issues.

So what can you do to prevent complications from arising as well as help your management team with required trainings?

Again, the answer is animated training videos.

Now when you hear the word “animated” you may instantly be transported in your mind to the image of cartoons and talking animals. While that is a form of animation, there are many others that are widely used by businesses both large and small.

Whiteboard animation. 2D animation. 3D animation. Graphic animation.

All of these types of animation make incredible instructional videos. Unlike live “talking head” instructional videos, animated videos are entertaining and engaging. With animated slides, you can show concepts both visually and narratively through voice-over. The combination of these two techniques makes them effective in reaching all types of learners increasing their retention on the subject matter.

Animated videos are also evergreen and can be used over and over again since the “technology” of the videos themselves age far slower than that of traditional in-person broadcast production.

Here’s a great case study of an animation video that solved the problem of training and helped train 1000 employees. 

These videos may have the ability to be used across several different sectors or departments of your business and eliminate the need for individualized departmental training on certain aspects.

The ease with which an animated video can be shared is incredible. Have employees watch it together in a room, email to them prior to their start date, share it with them in meetings, etc. You can even have these videos playing in workrooms and posted on in-company social communication networks and threads for easy reference. The options are endless.

Additionally, animated videos are incredibly affordable! Much more so than the cost of hiring a video crew, prepping staff for on-camera instruction and then the laborious hours of editing all filmed content.

Should you need to update a few things, your animated video service provider can quickly and inexpensively make the updates. No need to reschedule a film crew, copy hair/make-up/attire from previous shoots and such. It’s as easy as a quick phone call or email with updates to make changes to a new logo, new policy, change in wording and the like.

Animated training videos save everyone involved time, money, frustration and create a consistent, professional look. By branding your business from the inside out with your training content you are creating a well-educated, informed and uniform workforce ready to make your company thrive.

Do yourself a favor and contact an animated video company, such as wizMotions, to get started on animated training videos for your business.

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