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A successful onboarding process helps new employees understand their roles and how to perform their responsibilities best. Employee onboarding videos can help your new hires understand your company values, culture and job processes, making them feel more comfortable as they adapt to a new setting. You can use these videos to implement an effective onboarding process and help new team members confidently integrate into their positions.

When You Might Need to Create an Onboarding Video

Have you noticed an increase in new employee hires or a struggle to train new employees? Rather than repeating information or printing lengthy documents, try an onboarding video to help train your new employees effectively. Companies with effective onboarding processes have greater retention of new hires, and videos can be an excellent part of those processes.

Introduce New Hires to the CEO and the Team

Film a short video introducing each company leader and team member. Introduce the company’s CEO in a video and include information about their achievements and work process. You can also film the CEO introducing themself for a more personalized approach. You can also create a specific section or an entirely separate video to introduce new hires to the co-workers they will directly work with. For each team member, include: Their job title. What they do. How your new employee will work with them. An introductory video like this gives new hires the chance to familiarize themselves with faces and names early on.

Present the Company and Company Policies to New Employees

An onboarding video allows you to show new employees what your company does and how it impacts the community or world. Make them feel excited about joining your team and let them know how their contribution to the company will make an impact. Create an overview of the products or services your company provides and explain how these products or services work. Cover company policies to help new team members understand and remember them.

Highlight Company Culture

Present your company’s culture to new and potential employees with a fun and interesting video. Highlight any perks, benefits or incentives you offer. Show what an employee’s typical day looks like. In addition to helping new hires feel comfortable in their new setting, these insights can also catch potential candidates’ attention and motivate them to apply.

Explain Workflow Processes

Videos are a great way to explain workflow processes and where employees can find style guides. Build your employees’ confidence by informing them and providing the necessary tools to fulfill their job tasks. Screen-recorded videos effectively show employees where to find essential company information, branding guidelines and style guides to maintain consistency in their work. It’s also important to include information about the orientation process. Use a video to inform employees what they’ll do on their first day, within their first week or the first few months on the job. Let them know who they’ll work with and who they can go to with questions when they need help.

Train New Team Members How to Perform Their Job Duties

You can also use videos to train new or existing employees about current or upcoming job duties. Show and instruct new employees how to carry out their required tasks and train current employees on new processes. Film an employee performing job tasks to help new hires understand the correct processes, or create screen recordings to show new hires how to perform online tasks.

Why Use Videos for Onboarding?

Effective video onboarding gives new employees valuable information in a format they’re more likely to remember. A 2020 study on visual communication’s effect on memory shows that people comprehend and retain information better in a visual presentation. Typography, colors, graphics and animations help people recall information better than they would from reading pages of material. Training videos are excellent onboarding tools because they convey information in a compelling format.

How Do You Create a Virtual Onboarding Video?

To create an effective onboarding video, consider the following tips: Write an effective script: Avoid using too much or too little dialogue. Your aim should be to provide employees with essential information without overloading them. Use high-quality filming equipment: Use a high-quality camera, microphone and lighting for optimal video quality to create a good impression and hold viewers’ attention. Incorporate high-quality design elements: Use quality design elements such as illustrations, arrows, typography, a company brand logo PNG file and other graphics. Find royalty-free stock images that apply to your video’s content and include them in your video where they apply. Include subtitles: Make your video accessible to employees with hearing impairments by adding subtitles. Add music: Enhance your video with subtle background audio.

What Should an Onboarding Video Include?

Effective onboarding provides new employees with the information they need to succeed in their position. A general onboarding video should include the following information: Company overview: Include a short overview of your company’s products, services and goals. Team introduction: Introduce team members and include how new employees will be working with them. Company values, policies and benefits: Explain what’s important to your company, the policies employees are expected to follow and the benefits they will receive. Job description: Describe job duties in detail so new employees know how to carry out their tasks successfully. Daily routines: Show employees what their typical day will look like working for the company.

How Long Should an Onboarding Video Be?

An onboarding video should be short or broken down into shorter sections. If you have a lot of information to cover, create multiple short videos and limit each video to one topic. A person’s average attention span is eight seconds, which means they may lose interest in an hour-long video and miss important information. Create videos that are five to ten minutes long to help employees digest information easier. Most people find twelve five-minute videos more palatable than watching one hour-long video.

Create Your Custom Video With WizMotions

WizMotions can help you create high-quality videos to communicate with and inform your employees. We will provide engaging video content that your team can easily understand. We use only the best elements in client videos, from effective scripts to quality custom graphics and animations. We will customize audio and visuals to fit your needs and create personalized videos for your onboarding process. Contact WizMotions to learn more about how we can help you create quality onboarding videos.  

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