How Long Should Your Scribe video Be?

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The use of scribe videos has increased tenfold within the last three years alone.  Since the marketing explosion of these scribe videos in 2010, almost every major player within the marketing world uses a scribe video in order to fully maximize conversion rates.

There has been a lot of debate over what the optimal length of such a video should be.  After all, unless you plan to split test with a dozen different video lengths, then it is increasingly important that you get it right the first time.

Statistics show that on average, US internet users watch over 40 billion online videos every single month, so it is obvious that videos are the clear cut marketing wave of the future.  The real issue is that there is no established length for such marketing endeavors.

Length of a Scribe Video

Studies show that at between 30 – 60 seconds after a video begins, approximately a quarter of the viewers will lose interest and click on another page.  Between 1-2 minutes, another thirty percent will drop off.  So statistically, anything under 3 minutes would work best so as not to lose too many viewers.

BUT……..Why do so many of the top marketers use long 10-15 minute scribe videos?

The same reason why an 11 minute video game montage found here has almost 23 million views…the answer is entertainment value and targeting.

To some people, an 11 minute video would seem entirely too long to watch people playing video games, but to the avid gamer, this is not only acceptable, but clearly shared as it went viral, acquiring almost 23 million views in less than a year’s time.  You’ll also notice that even though this is a standard Youtube video, the uploader is also using it to sell t-shirts (not to mention making money from Youtube ads).

So, this is in fact a video used for marketing purposes.  You’d be hard pressed to find a popular video that doesn’t advertise a brand, product, or link to another site that sells products.  The truth is, the length of the video may not actually matter.

What does matter however, is your target audience and the content within the video.

Imagine having an outstanding product.  If you can do a thorough job of explaining what makes your product so outstanding in 2 to 3 minutes, then that’s awesome.  But for the average marketer, this time frame just wouldn’t cut it.  This doesn’t stop marketers from making money hand over fist with scribe videos.  So how do they do it?

Many marketers follow the AIDA rule for not only copy-writing but making a video too:

A – Attention / Awareness.  Find a way to attract the potential consumer.

I – Interest.  Focus and demonstrate the benefits of the product, and not just the features.  What will this product do for the consumer?  How will it help them?

D – Desire.  Persuade consumers to desire the product.  How will it fix their problem?

A – Action.  Prompt the consumer to purchase the product or call a phone number or take some other desired action

Prior to making your video, think of the end goal and who your target audience is.

Are you trying to build brand awareness?

Are you trying to gain visibility as an authority within your niche?

Or are you trying to sell something?  If you are attempting to sell something, as long as the content is engaging and entertaining, while still following the AIDA rule (or something similar), then the overall length of the video really doesn’t matter.

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