How Healthcare Businesses Can Benefit from Animated Explainer Videos

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Healthcare businesses have to ensure their clients and customers are well-informed and educated enough to make intelligent decisions when it comes to their health. As such, animated explainer videos are ideal for the healthcare industry.  

Healthcare topics are sometimes frightening for people and often difficult to understand, which is why animated explainer videos lend themselves well to healthcare. Because they’re animated, they are compelling to watch and they put people at ease, even when they’re about difficult subjects.

Patients aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the format, though. They are also useful for educating healthcare professionals like doctors or nurses on new practices and procedures and sales reps can use them to explain new products.

Some examples:

  • Product videos to explain how medications or medical products and devices work.
  • Disease Education videos to communicate with doctors, nurses and patients about how to manage, treat and prevent various illnesses.
  • General Health Education videos for patients about wellness, healthy lifestyle choices and treatment options.
  • Sales videos for multimedia marketing presentations for healthcare companies.
  • Corporate Training videos for staff in healthcare businesses.
  • Branding videos for pharmaceutical or medical corporations.

Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Videos in Healthcare

Like any industry, the healthcare field can reap huge benefits from using animated explainer videos for a variety of purposes. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating a video strategy that uses animation into your medical business video marketing. 

Demonstrates Thought Leadership

Clients and customers in the healthcare industry value trust, possibly more than in any other industry. A company can easily demonstrate thought leadership and earn that coveted “thought leader” tag with educational videos that demonstrate their expertise, experience and innovation.

Increases Sales and Solidifies Branding

With its concise format that allows companies to say a lot in a little amount of time and its automatically compelling graphics, animated video is the preferred method for a lot of people — customers and executives alike — to receive complex information. Almost everyone would rather watch a short animated video than read a thick document.

Makes Your Brand More Approachable

Sometimes companies can seem a tad inapproachable. Animated videos help you put an approachable face on your brand while at the same time making it more customer-centric by streamlining communication between your company and your customers and making potentially complex information accessible for clients.

By making an animated explainer video, you’re giving customers a resource they can watch on their own time and as many times as they want. In an industry that can be filled with jargon and complex ideas, an explainer video cuts through all that and gives people a clear and concise way of getting information without having to sort through pages of confusing text.

Even companies in the healthcare industry that don’t deal directly with patients can benefit from Animated video by demonstrating how a piece of equipment works, explaining a complex cloud-based technology that handles something like insurance or payments, breaking down complex insurance policies or coverage plans and highlighting the benefits of your company over your competition.

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We love working with companies in the medical field. Here are some examples of work we’ve done for medical companies.

Explaining new services for patients …


Explaining new services for hospitals …

S2 Procedure Performance

Educating the public about health services …

Oklahoma City County Health Department

Explaining complex concepts for medical professionals …

IvyGene Biotechnology Laboratory

Explaining innovative new healthcare ideas to the general public …

Innovation and Value Initiative

As you can see, animated explainer videos can play an integral role in the healthcare and medical field. If you are in the healthcare field, or any other industry for that matter, click here to use our price estimation calculator to see approximately how much your video will cost. It’s fast, free and easy to use.

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