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100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing

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We know the No. 1 question you have about animated explainer videos.

“How much?”

No, we’re not psychic. We just know the frustration of checking out a website for a service you’re interested in and wanting to see a price so you can make estimates and play around with the budget numbers only to see the dreaded: “Please contact us for pricing.”

We all know what happens when you are encouraged to call or set up an online meeting to find out about pricing: High pressure sales tactics.

But, you won’t find that here. We invite you to get comfy with your favorite drink, put on your pajamas and ignore the shocked gasps of your co-workers in the office as you relax and find out all you need to know about explainer videos, including the big question: $?

Keep in mind that the prices listed below are all starting prices and we can not guarantee these prices. The exact price depends on what you want.

So, how much?

If you provide us with a script and voice file:

  • $247 per minute for a Kinetic Typography animation video
  • $497 per minute for a Whiteboard animation video
  • $997 per minute for a 2D animated video 
  • $997 per minute for a Graphic animation video
  • $2,997 per minute for a 3D animated video

How much is it to have wizMotions write the script?

  • +$149 per minute

How much is it to have WizMotions do the voice over?

  • An additional $149 per minute

How much is it to have an explainer video done in Spanish?

  • An additional $199 per minute

How much is it to have an explainer video done in any other language besides English and the one listed above?

  • Depends on the language, please contact us.  Anywhere from $199/min to $499/min

What if I don’t need a video to be a full minute?

100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing
William Warby/Flickr
  • We do have some prorated options if you need less than a minute.  For example, if you want just a 30 second spot.  Just ask us and we’ll let you know!  Additional discounts available when ordered in bulk as well!

So, you charge by the minute then?

  • Yes.  But the minutes that we charge are determined by the word count of the script, not how long the actual video turns out the be.  A one minute video will have 150 – 160 words in the script.  And each minute of whiteboard animation for example has 5 – 6 scenes.

When do I pay?

  • For orders over $500, you can pay 50% now and the remainder when you’ve receive your video and are fully satisfied with it.

Why are your prices so much lower than other video production companies?

  • Okay, you’re probably thinking that we just put this question in here to make it look like we have low prices when we actually don’t. But, you’re free to go ahead and check other companies’ prices for comparison. We’ll wait …

Back? We’re not ones to say we told you so, but … we told you so. (We’re not sure why other companies charge so much, either.)

But, we can tell you why we don’t charge a lot:

  • We are the company that actually makes the video. We’re not resellers, so there is no markup.
  • We are interested in repeat customers, not one time customers. (But, we will totally work with one-time customers.)
  • We’re not greedy. (Well, we’re maybe a little bit greedy when it comes to pizza, but not money.)  Other companies don’t like transparency, they want the whales who have a budget and don’t care what they spend because it’s not their money.  We are transparent, and we charge fair prices.
  • Since we do animation digitally, we don’t need to spend money on cameras and booking locations, etc.
  • Other companies are afraid to have low prices because they think people will think they’re too good to be true. If people see a price that is too low, these other companies have convinced themselves, people are bound to think there is some kind of catch.

Calculate My Video Cost.

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Click here to use our price estimation calculator.

Aha! I knew it! So, what’s the catch?

  • There’s no catch.

No, really. What’s the catch?

  • Honestly, there isn’t one. This is the space where there would be a catch: [            ]. Notice how it is empty? We just have affordable prices. That’s all.

So, what do I get for your starting prices?

  • 100% custom illustrations and drawings.
  • Unlimited storyboard revisions within reason (we understand perfectionism, but we simply can’t accommodate a never ending string of revisions for trivial stuff).
  • Access to our online project management system to check the progress of your project and communicate with our team.
  • A video delivered to you in high-definition in the MP4 format, meaning it’s ready to publish immediately and is compatible with any device used to view it.

If I decide I want to switch artists after my video is already started, how much extra will that cost?

100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing
Joe Crawford/Flickr
  • Well, that depends.  If we completed the entire storyboard then you would likely lose most oor all of your deposit as we would have to start completely over.  We recommend you take a careful look at our work and if there is a style you MUST have then do let us know!  We certainly don’t like charging you extra when we can avoid it all together…it makes for much happier clients, which makes us much happier too!

Can you create a short, free sample for me to see to help me decide if I want to work with wizMotions?

  • No. These videos are labor intensive and time-consuming to create. There is no possible way to create a short one for free for your decision making process. We absolutely invite you to check out some of our many many many available examples, though.

When am I subject to extra fees?

Extra fees will be added if:

  • You want rush delivery.
  • You want to change artists in the middle of the project.
  • You want changes to the illustrations and artwork after the video has already been produced.
  • You request more than two rounds of changes to the animation, timing, sound effects and music volume of your completed video.
  • You want to extend an existing video because you have new information to include.

How long does it take you to deliver a video?

  • Three to four weeks, but we have rush options available for delivery in as little as five business days for an extra fee. For rush pricing, you would have to call us, though.

Hold on a second here! I’ve seen freelancers on sites like Fiverr offering video animation for as little as $5! Just what do you think you’re doing trying to charge hundreds of dollars for something I can get for $5?

Okay, hold on there. It is absolutely true that you can find someone to make you an animated video starting at $5. But, there are also some other truths that come along with that price:

  • This person will certainly be using stock clip art to animate your video instead of 100% original animation.
  • That $5 is only a starting point and you don’t actually know what all you’re going to be charged for since their pricing is not transparent. You need changes to your video? They might demand another $50 for that and then another $50 if you require another change. The point is, you won’t be paying just $5.
  • There is a very real risk that your video would contain copyrighted material.
  • A $5 video looks like a $5 video. It will reflect poorly on your brand and make your company look cheap and unprofessional.
  • That freelancer you found for $5 may not be around next time you need a video made, meaning you’ll have to start from scratch with the next one.
  • The $5 price tag doesn’t include script writing, meaning you’ll need to get that done elsewhere or try it yourself.
  • That freelancer is offering video services simply because they know how to make a video, but they almost certainly don’t know the psychology behind an effective explainer video
    • Pattern Interruption
    • Visual Processing
    • Storytelling

As you can see, that $5 price tag may look nice, but it comes with far more cons than pros. When it comes to videos that GET RESULTS, wizMotions is not just a video experts but marketing pros too. We just get it.

And if you’d like to know more about our pricing, click here to use our price estimation calculator to see approximately how much your video will cost. (You don’t even need to talk to anyone!)

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