Videos for Events

Video is one of the most popular mediums for advertising online and capturing the attention of potential customers, and videos are just as important to marketing your business at in-person events and expos.

Videos provide most of the same benefits at these events as they do online. They grab people’s attention and get them to stick with you longer, whether they see a video on your website or at your booth. The dynamic movements and entertaining narratives suck people in and form connections that make them want to watch until the end.

Videos visually illustrate concepts so you can show your audience rather than just tell. This technique helps simplify complex or technical concepts. Visualizations also help audience members retain more information through associations. 

High-quality video content creates a lasting first impression of you, your brand, or your products that viewers will remember even after the event has ended. 

Ways to Use Animation Videos for Events

When you’re participating in or hosting an event, you want to maximize your brand exposure and do whatever you can to create the most leads and conversions for your business. Your guests should learn about what you offer and go home thinking about how your products or services can benefit them.

Playing a video at your booth helps encourage viewers to come over. Booth videos deliver the same information about your brand, product or company on repeat to more viewers than you could possibly talk to.

The most engaging speakers incorporate video clips into their presentations. These videos can highlight important points, better illustrate an idea or just recapture the attention of audience members who have started to drift.

Videos help you maximize your impact on audiences in every part of an event. You can use them as speaker introductions to draw a crowd or re-energize and refocus a fading audience.

Get Custom Animation Videos for Events

While any video content is beneficial for your events, animated videos offer a greater level of entertainment through unique, colorful and visually interesting imagery. We see real people talking to us everywhere we go, but we seek cartoons because we enjoy them and they offer something different.

Animation also offers a wider range of possibilities for what your video can be and do. You can send characters up into the sky in a hot air balloon or make them travel through time, upping your entertainment factor without increasing your budget.

At wizMotions, we offer four types of animation for your videos:

Our team of creative geniuses can help you determine what video is best for your content.

Create Videos for Events With wizMotions

wizMotions wants to create stunning and affordable event animation videos for your next expo, event or presentation. Our team creates every part of your video in-house to keep our prices low and our production process as smooth as possible. 

Most videos are completed within 2-3 weeks, but if your deadline is coming up quickly, we can expedite the process and get the product back to you sooner.

To find out more, call us or schedule a time to chat with our team for a no-obligation consultation. 

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