Employee Onboarding Videos

When a new hire starts at your business, you have to figure out the best way to introduce them to their role and your company’s culture. A new employee onboarding video is a great option for providing the introduction you need to get them started.

While your priorities can vary depending on your company, effective employee onboarding videos typically include an introduction to the team, information about the worker’s role, an overview of your company’s history, what the employee should expect for their first week or month, and what their day-to-day life at the company will be like. You can also include some basic tips, tricks and insider information that will give your new employee a leg up and help them thrive in their new position. 

The Perks of Using Employee Onboarding Videos

New hire onboarding videos provide a lot of useful information in an easy-to-understand and far less intimidating format. Video is an excellent medium for onboarding because it can communicate information without seeming imposing or overwhelming like big walls of text and endless paperwork.

Employees are often nervous and overwhelmed with information on their first day, making it hard for them to relax and get a feel for the company. With onboarding videos, they have the opportunity to take a breath and watch a fun video that gives them some insight into what they should expect in their new position.

For new employees who aren’t sure they’ve made the right choice accepting the job, a high-quality, welcoming onboarding video may help affirm their decision and make them feel more settled.

Onboarding videos are also great timesavers. Instead of coordinating schedules and taking the time to relay the information to employees, you can just send an onboarding video they can watch on their own. This is especially pragmatic for remote employees and those in different time zones.

Our Animated Employee Onboarding Video Creation Process

Many employee onboarding videos feature existing employees and company higher-ups, but why not try something new? Animated videos are fun, colorful and engaging. They can also keep your viewers’ attention by staying dynamic and keeping the pace up.

Plus, with animation, there are no limits to what you can do. You don’t have to worry about hiring actors, renting cameras, finding sets and spending money on special effects. Instead, we create everything from scratch exactly how you want it.

At wizMotions, we offer four animation styles to create unique employee onboarding videos, including 2D and 3D animations, graphic animations and whiteboard animations. If you’re not sure which will work best for your video, our creative team can help you decide.

Welcome New Employees With wizMotions Videos

Our team of talented artists and employee onboarding video makers at wizMotions is always excited to take on a new project and help you welcome and inform new hires. We create every video from scratch according to your specifications and feedback to produce outstanding custom videos for employee onboarding.

Give us a call at 732-943-3337 to find out more, or contact us online for a free, no-commitment consultation with our team. 

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