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Educational videos are excellent tools for helping people of all ages learn about complex or challenging information. These videos combine education and entertainment in a way that makes them ideal for conveying knowledge about important topics.

Types of Animated Learning Videos

Many educational videos are primarily composed of a person or actor standing in front of the camera explaining a topic. While these videos can be effective, animated learning videos offer a more engaging and exciting education experience for people who may not have the attention span for a lecture.

At wizMotions, we offer four kinds of custom animated learning videos to help teach your audience and keep them captivated from start to finish:

2D animation

Characters interact with their surroundings to drive a narrative that can be used for teaching.

3D animation

Detailed animations help conceptualize complex or highly technical ideas that are tough to explain otherwise.

Graphic animation

Simple animations combine moving shapes and graphics with eye-catching typography to carry viewers’ attention.

Whiteboard animation

A hand draws concepts on a whiteboard much like a teacher would when instructing a class.

If you’re not sure what type of animation will work best for your educational topic, let us know! We can help you find the right solution. 

Why Animated Educational Videos Work

Have you ever gotten stuck in a line of text, reading and rereading to try and comprehend the concept? Many people are visual learners who require visual aids and explanations to understand complicated ideas — texts and images sometimes aren’t enough.

Animated educational videos help provide the visual simulations some people need to grasp a topic. They can also provide visuals that are difficult or impossible to demonstrate in real life through animations.

Imagine attempting to learn about the inner workings of a car’s engine through text and pictures. Engines are closed, compact units with many moving parts that are challenging to differentiate. However, if we create an animated video with a bisected engine, viewers can see the engine in a new way and observe exactly what’s going on inside.

Animation provides endless opportunities to present information from new perspectives that allow viewers to understand complicated ideas more easily.

Get Affordable Animated Learning Videos From wizMotions

At wizMotions, we want to help you create the perfect animated learning videos to help you educate your target audience. At the start of your project, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager devoted to maintaining effective communication and keeping you in the loop on your project’s progress.

We seek feedback from you during every step of the video creation process so we can be sure we’re communicating your information accurately and effectively. You can request unlimited edits to your storyboard so we can work together to fine-tune the message and get it right.

When you’re ready to start creating custom animated learning videos, give us a call at 732-943-3337 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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