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Doodle animation video case study


2013-12-28_1844For many parents and school aged children (and teenagers in this case) the appearance of their smile, or their children’s smiles is of real concern.  And for teenagers specifically, if they don’t have a smile they’re happy with it can cause great strife in their everyday lives.

When parents don’t know where to turn they run the risk of making mistakes.  Whether it’s by paying way too much, leaving braces on for longer than needed, or even making a poor choice in dental care provider.

The folks at DiamondBraces.com wanted to inform parents of their services through a doodle animation video.


The expert providers at Diamond Braces approached WizMotions to create a doodle video that would educate parents and families about their services, their affordability, and the fact that they are ranked among the top 1% of all Invisalign providers.  So, with provided information from Diamond Braces and independent research on their website, the creative team at WizMotions got to work.

Take a moment and view the finished product below:

Video Script: written by us
Voice over: produced by us
Length: 2:49
Language: English
Storyboard: by wizMotions Video Artists

I think you’ll agree that the information was presented clearly and even with a bit of humor!  There’s little doubt remaining about the services that Diamond Braces provides, their reputation, and even their affordability for top notch dental care.

The folks at Diamond Braces thought so as well…and have subsequently ordered additional animation videos from WizMotions!


” All good with the first video. I want 2 more videos. ” Oleg @ DiamondBraces.com

Look for more from Diamond Braces to come in the near future as the videos are currently in production.

We wish Oleg and his business all the best and can’t wait to hear his feedback on his 2 upcoming videos.

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