Customer Service Videos

When you’ve purchased a new product or service, you’re excited to set it up and start reaping the benefits. However, that excitement can quickly turn into frustration as you run into questions or problems as you start assembling, applying or using your purchase.

Pre-made customer service videos allow you to provide your customers with quick, proactive support to avoid frustrating difficulties with your product or service. 

These videos could include helpful information like troubleshooting, step-by-step setup, customer onboarding information, how-to content or answers to frequently asked questions. 

With customer service videos, your consumers have access to information that will help them avoid frustration and maintain their excitement about their purchase.

Help Customers Help Themselves

By the time a customer resigns themselves to contacting customer service, they’ve already reached a state of defeated frustration. Working with customer service takes time, and people prefer to be independent and work things out on their own.

Customer service videos are a proactive way to help your consumers help themselves through their questions and difficulties while still providing caring support that creates a positive impression of your brand.

Videos can communicate large amounts of complex content in a short time frame, along with easy-to-digest visuals. With this format, your customer service can show exactly how to solve a problem rather than trying to explain the concept in an email or over the phone. These videos communicate effectively and efficiently, saving time for both you and the customer.

Customer service videos allow you to be there for your clients even when you aren’t actually there by providing asynchronous support available around the clock. If your help desk closes at 5 p.m. and someone needs support at 8 p.m., customer service videos are available and ready to assist.

Custom Animated Customer Service Videos

Animated customer service videos provide all the same great support and information as other videos while being entertaining and fun! Lighten the mood with bright, engaging content that helps customers work through their queries.

At wizMotions, we offer four animation styles for your customer service videos:

If you’re not sure which style will best suit your customer service content, the experienced wizMotions creative team can help you decide.

Get Affordable Customer Service Videos From wizMotions

Our team at wizMotions creates high-quality custom animated customer service videos from scratch according to your specifications and feedback. We consult with you every step of the way to be sure we’re making the perfect video, and we provide unlimited revisions for your script and storyboard so we always get it right.

When you choose wizMotions as your customer service video company, you work with an experienced team of in-house creatives who know how to make visually appealing videos based on proven neuroscientific principles. These principles let us connect with your customers and form bonds that strengthen your retention rates and prompt positive reviews. 

We’ve streamlined our process for the smoothest production experience possible. You get a devoted project manager who stays in touch from day one to keep you updated on our progress and answer any questions you may have. We finish up most videos in about 2-3 weeks.

If you’re ready to start creating animated customer service videos, you can arrange a time to talk with us for a no-obligation consultation. 

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