Custom 3D Animation Videos

Create visually stunning videos with 3D animation from wizMotions. Our affordable 3D animation videos help you tell a story, advertise a product or explain advanced technical concepts to your audience. They are captivating to watch and easy to understand, so you can be sure your viewers will understand your message. Our 3D videos are designed in-house by talented artists using three planes of space to create lifelike animations. Every element of the 3D animation is also completely customized to your needs and 100% original.  

Benefits of 3D Animation

Animation has two major advantages over live-action videos — cost and customization. When you film a live-action video, you have to find actors, sets, props, backdrops and videographers. Plus, you need the right time and conditions to film everything. These elements come with a lot of frustration and a huge budget. You’re also restricted by what is available and can be accomplished on your timeline. With 3D animation, you get all the same visual elements with boundless possibilities and complete creative control. We can create the exact house you want for the background down to the tiniest details without days of searching.

Stand Out From the Crowd

It seems like everywhere you go online, there’s a company with a video. In a saturated market, it can be tough to create content that stands out and gets you the attention you need to grow your business. Creating a high-quality 3D animation video with wizMotions is the perfect way to set yourself apart.

3D animated videos are visually appealing and unique. Our team crafts highly detailed, visually rich 3D animations that can make an impact.

Let wizMotions Bring Your Video to Life

The team at wizMotions is dedicated to learning about your business and assisting with creative aspects like scripting, storyboarding and voicing talent. Our collaborative process helps to ensure your video production is completed in a timely manner. The measures put in place by our creative team  allow your vision to become a reality. 

We’ve refined our video production process to get you what you need when you need it. We also work hard to learn about your business and video requirements, bring you a script and storyboard, and make your vision a reality. 

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