Which Explainer Video Style Should I Choose That Will Help Me Reach My Business Goals?

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Marketers who use video as part of their marketing campaigns experience revenue growth 49% faster than campaigns without videos. That statistic alone makes a strong case for creating a marketing video…

…but NOT all explainer videos are created equally!

And while one video style may yield earth shattering results for one business, it may be a complete dud for your business. If different types of videos have been swirling around your head and have left you with paralysis by analysis, you have come to the right place.

The primary key to an effective video is to select the video style that best fits your business marketing objectives and target audience.

Here are few different video styles we create here at wizMotions…

  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation RSA-Animate Style
  • Graphics Animation (aka Motion Graphics)
  • 2D Animation
  • Cut Out Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Live Actors & Spokespersons
  • Screencast

Now, let’s dive in and talk about each video style and how they can work for you.

Whiteboard Animation

Imagine a compelling storyteller captivating an audience and holding their undivided attention for two minutes or more.

Now imagine this…

Let’s say you’re lost and asking for directions and you have 2 options…

  1. You found a piece of paper with a map.
  2. You have blank paper and you give a pencil to someone to draw for you the specific directions.
    Which would be easier for you to know where to go?

That’s the purpose of a whiteboard animation video with the hand drawing on the screen. To drive human minds and viewer’s attention as the hand moves.

Whiteboard animation is the ultimate storyteller and this type of video allows the story to unfold in front of the viewer’s eyes. A demonstrative and engaging style of video, it can be used to convince an audience of the uses of a product or the value of a service. Whiteboard animation videos almost always include a strong and compelling call to action.


  • Holds audience attention through storytelling and visual processing.
  • Simplifies complex ideas or technical information.
  • Allows audiences to relate to the story’s characters.


  • Once the characters are drawn, they do not move or interact with other characters.
  • Characters are one dimensional, so the message must be strong.
  • Viewing the hand draw the video may become a bit distracting.

Whiteboard RSA Style

Unlike a standard whiteboard animation that presents each scene in a standalone format, the RSA style begins with one scene of illustrations, then adds another and another until all of the scenes build on one another to create a collage. With an RSA style whiteboard video, one scene is subsequently added to another to deliver a cohesive end product.


All the benefits of whiteboard animation above plus…

  • Various concepts are tied into one main point or call to action at the end.
  • Produces an end result that is highly aesthetic.
  • Complete picture is presented to the audience on one screen.


  • Images tend not to be as simple as traditional whiteboard.
  • Delivers large amount of information very quickly.

Graphics Animation (aka Motion Graphics)

Commonly used when the intended message is technical in nature, graphics animation videos do not involve storytelling, but rather drive a direct message to the audience. Businesses who seek to explain numbers and statistics to their target audience use graphics animation to explain the numbers in a format that involves moving visuals.


  • Simplifies technical subject matter and numeric based messages.
  • Focuses on delivering a clear, concise message.
  • Utilizes memorable visuals that stick with the audience.


  • Does not flow nice with storytelling.
  • If not professionally scripted, may oversimplify important concepts.
  • When graphics are not custom, they appear to be “stock.”

A professionally created graphics animation video is best suited for the following:

  • Financial industry reports.
  • Startup companies seeking investors.
  • Tech industry companies who want to establish credibility.
  • Non-profit companies demonstrating research.

2D Animation

Two dimensional (2D) explainer videos are commonly referred to as cartoon animations and have become a popular video choice. Telling a story that is meant to engage the audience with lightheartedness and humor is most effective with 2D animation videos. Since childhood, all of us have seen at least a couple of Disney or Pixar type movies. Our fond relationship to these childhood movies extends to other 2D movies, making this type of video a great choice for maximum engagement.  If you are looking to deliver a message or call to action in an indirect way, 2D animation will get the job done.


  • It’s fun and includes familiar characters.
  • The message tends to resonate more when delivered by 2D characters.
  • Humorous storytelling makes for a memorable video.


  • Does not deliver a technical information effectively.
  • May be difficult to follow without professional script writing.
  • Appeals more to emotion and less to reasoning.

Industries that will benefit the most from 2D animation videos are those that:

  • Advertise heavily on social media.
  • Have a simple message to deliver.
  • Seek to add a humorous component to their marketing.
  • Need to create a personal connection with their audience.

Cut Out Animation

A traditional video technique involving two dimensional animations enhanced with cut out props and scenes in the form of digitized images. Cut out animation can create the look and feel of decisive movements while using a 2D style. South Park episodes are a popular example of the effective use of cut outs in animation.


  • Static scenes have the illusion of motion through cut outs.
  • Tends to be less expensive than 2D animation.
  • Layering can add to the message throughout the scene.
  • No distractions due to hand drawing from Whiteboard Animation


  • Motion is choppy, not smooth like other types of video.
  • Facial expressions and movements are limited.
  • Not colorful

3D Animation

3D animated marketing videos are visually amazing. It’s the Ferrari of all other video styles. Depending on your business’ budget, this style can deliver an impressive mark on your industry. 3D Animation uses uses the illusion of depth perception to add a third dimension to characters and backgrounds, 3D animation videos deliver messages with lifelike characters or objects.


  • Characters are more lifelike.
  • Background and characters are realistic and more detailed.
  • Video is highly professional and viewed as a movie.


  • Tends to be more expensive
  • May have a longer turnaround time.
  • Professional script writing and consultation is a must.

When budgets permit and large impacts are required, the following examples are perfect uses for 3D video:

  • Car dealership & automotive explainer videos
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumers (B2C)
  • Book or movie trailers.
  • Introductions for large scale presentations.
  • Trade show displays.

Kinetic Typography

Using powerful words in motion is what kinetic typography videos are all about. Creating a visual message with words that vary in size, color, and font that fly, float, expand, shake, and turn keeps your audience engaged while solidifying your message. With a strong script and convincing voice over, kinetic typography can pack a visual punch.


  • On the more affordable end of the video spectrum.
  • Words in motion capture and hold the attention of your audience.
  • Use of words and colors that are brand specific creates brand awareness.


  • No storytelling component.
  • Works better when used as an intro sales message.
  • Script must be succinct and include “Power Words” to be effective.
  • Words are the only visual (no graphics/characters).

If your business fits the following criteria, kinetic typography may be the best choice for you:

  • Startup business on a budget that wants to incorporate video marketing.
  • Business that makes presentations and wants to capture attention.
  • Direct call to action messages that do not require characters.

Live Actors & Spokespersons

Do you feel that animations will not communicate your message as well as a live spokesperson? Live actor spokesperson videos add the human element to any video and create a scenario that is directly relatable. A live actor will deliver your script to explain, demonstrate, and communicate your message clearly.


  • Live actor gives credibility to the message.
  • Products are easily demonstrated.
  • Facial expressions and voice inflection are authentic and convincing.


  • Although effective for demonstrations, not as effective for storytelling.
  • Broad target audience may not relate to the actor.
  • Additional costs may be incurred for retakes. Other video styles allow for unlimited revisions, but since this style involves live people, filming outside of the scope is an upcharge.

If your business needs the following, creating a video using a live actor spokesperson may be a viable option:

  • A product demonstration.
  • Consumer education.
  • A conversational discussion about a business or brand.
  • An authority in the industry or customer vouching for your business.



Showcasing your product or service with a capture of your screen or smartphone is a compelling way to show your audience exactly how something works. Typically the longest type of explainer video, screencasts take the user through the process of using a product or service.


  • Demonstrate actual digital products or applications.
  • Provide a detailed “how to” video that is a useful tool.
  • Show off the features of a product, creating user confidence.


  • Functional video medium with no room for storytelling.
  • Does not work well as a branding campaign.
  • Usually requires a follow up video.

If your business is offering a “try before you buy” campaign, screencasts are effective at breaking the ice with potential users. If your website needs to demonstrate an app or software package, screencast videos will create a familiarity with the digital product.

Now that you are clear on the many types of explainer and marketing videos available and which one will serve your objectives, use our video pricing tool to create your video project guidelines and put your video marketing in motion.

Still not sure what animated video is right for your business? Click here to watch this video


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