This Startup Got Funded for $3 Million After Using This Video

Their Story

Wynk is an online platform for women who love makeup, but aren’t confident about which products to use or how to apply for the desired effect. Using a filtering method, Wynk generates a customized catalogue of makeup products for each user and bundles purchases into one shipment.

Tan, the marketing professional for Wynk, needed to generate interest in the start-up by explaining the process and benefits of registering and becoming an active user. She also wanted to emphasize to makeup experts that they can earn product by answering questions for users on the platform. Can an explainer video inspire makeup lovers enough to register and begin using the Wynk platform? And will influencers be compelled to participate in forums in exchange for rewards after watching the video?

Their Goal

Attract attention to the start-up from users, influencers, and investors. Create a buzz.

Wynk is a multi-dimensional platform offering advice, customized product recommendations, online shopping, and a virtual reality makeup tool. Tan reached out to wizMotions hoping for an explainer video that could describe the benefits and features of the Wynk platform simply and clearly to both users and influencers.

Tan identified a targeted market and needed a 2D explainer video to speak directly to millennial women who love makeup and want to learn more about products and application. Will the video successfully instill confidence so that young women trust the Wynk suggestions and content? Can a video communicate the benefits of being part of a community of makeup users?

Our Solution

Create a scenario that every woman can relate to and present Wynk as the obvious solution to any makeup issue.

Every woman likes to look and feel their best, so wizMotions designed a video that offers Wynk as a convenient and affordable alternative to expensive makeup artists or time consuming tutorials. Guiding viewers through the unique Wynk process created a buzz for both users and influencers.

Following the launch of the video, the start-up was funded in the amount of $3,000,000, closing out a successful seed round. Investors were able to clearly understand how having a personal makeup concierge benefits millennial women and were happy to jump on board.

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