Sales Increased by 82% After Implementing This Video

Their Story

Curaloe is not just another aloe product company. Their aloe plantation, located in Curacao, employs traditional farming methods to cultivate high quality aloe. Skin products are manufactured on the plantation, allowing Curaloe to control the production process from plant to product.

Remco, owner of Curaloe, understands the nuances of producing aloe products and wants to educate potential customers about the Curaloe difference. He would like to establish relationships with other businesses who appreciate a quality, natural product and inform consumers about the mainstream aloe product. Can a revolutionary beauty product company stand out from the rest using an explainer video? How can Curaloe explain their unique selling proposition in a way that attracts customers and distributors?

Their Goal

Educate consumers about aloe product ingredients and demonstrate the difference between Curaloe and typical aloe products.

The Curaloe difference is that aloe products are made with pure aloe vera and not aloe powder. No water is added to Curaloe, as is the case with other common brands. Explaining to B2B clients, retailers, and distributors about the production process, commitment to quality, and benefit to customers is the primary goal.

Remco relied on wizMotions to guide viewers through the plant to product process that occurs on the Caribbean Island of Curacao. Can the purity of the Curaloe product be expressed through an explainer video? Will consumers be convinced of the difference in the Curaloe product and, as a result, become regular customers?

Our Solution

Illustrate the clear choice in pure aloe products by explaining each step of the Curaloe production process so that consumers understand that this is the best aloe product on the market.

Curaloe’s production process was the clear differentiator and wizMotions was excited to demonstrate the uniqueness of the product through an explainer video. The video was an effective way to communicate the unique selling proposition, which led to an increase in business.

Following the launch of the explainer video, cold lead responses increased by 300%. Converting traffic into paying customers increased by 82%. As the result of the video, Curaloe resonates with consumers and an increase in sales is proof.

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