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Their Story

Midwest Life Brokerage is a life insurance brokerage business with a few different entities. FEGLIswap.com is one branch of the business that markets life insurance to government employees. Agents compare the federal employee’s current life insurance plan to the Midwest Life policy and most times, switching to Midwest is the smart choice.

Kris, the owner, was looking for new ways to inform government employees about the FEGLIswap.com program and get them started. But, how can the complicated process of switching life insurance policies be explained in a simple way that shows federal employees that they can save money and buy a better plan? Will an explainer video be enough to motivate federal employees to take action?

Their Goal

Inform federal employees about the benefits of simply applying for a better, less expensive life insurance policy for free.

Kris worked with wizMotions to create a previous explainer video that had a B2B message, but this time, he was directly targeting federal employee clients. He reached out to wizMotions again to create a video that targets middle aged federal employees who currently have a life insurance policy through the government.

Midwest Life Brokerage needed to communicate that by swapping their federal policy for a Midwest policy, federal employees would gain life insurance independence and control, resulting in a more comprehensive and affordable policy. Will federal employees take control of their policies and click through for a free insurance quote?

Our Solution

Provide options to federal employees in a simply explained format that compels them to receive their free quote.

wizMotions was pleased to create a second explainer video for Kris. This video would not be a narrative, like the previous one, but would be a direct, simply stated message that would resonate with federal employees.

The first explainer video took a B2B approach and resulted in Midwest Life Brokerage attracting more than 50 new insurance agencies. Through those new partnerships, B2B sales rose 40% for the year. Following the launch of this video, the agency secured 22 new clients within the first three months translating into nearly $40,000 in additional revenue.

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