1873 Prospects Signed Up Within 20 Days After Publishing Our Video

Their Story

MiMoodz develops and then crowdfunds innovative, hip products for people who are into tech gadgets. Most of their products focus on making life simpler and “smarter” with smart products. Their most recent product is a Bluetooth adapter that allows users to control their homes’ LED lights from their iPhones.

Robert, one of the founders of MiMoodz, planned to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise production money and gain new, interested customers. How can his product stand out in a sea of new products in Kickstarter? He needed something clever and convincing to raise money for his product and get people excited.

Their Goal

Meet crowdfunding goals, enabling the launch of an innovative “smart” product to tech savvy consumers.

Robert knew from experience how challenging crowdfunding can be with so much competition within the tech product category. He reached out to the creative team at wizMotions looking for a fun whiteboard video that would position his crowdfunding campaign apart from the rest.

MiMoodz products target 30 somethings who are interested in investing in new tech products. The video needed to explain how cool the product is, how simple it is to install, and that crowdfunders will be the first to have it. Can a whiteboard video effectively demonstrate the product and convince potential crowdfunders that it can save them money by reusing their existing LED lights? Will tech savvy investors recognize the potential of this new “smart” product launch?

Our Solution

Design a fun and informative whiteboard video that appeals to the target market while creating excitement for this product as well as MiMoodz products to come.

wizMotions embraced the challenge of elevating MiMoodz’ Kickstarter campaign above the competition. Working together with Robert, they created a story that would communicate the benefits of the new Bluetooth product and motivate potential funders to be part of the campaign.

The whiteboard video attracted the attention that Robert had hoped for and within 20 days of launching the video, 1873 prospects signed up. Robert is confident that a whiteboard video is the perfect marketing tool for launching crowdfunding campaigns.

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