[Case Study] TheTyros Had A Tough Deadline And Needed 2 Whiteboard Videos Created Within 72 Hours

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Their Story

kyle-picKyle, owner of an innovative, athlete centered social media platform, has created a safe online location available to referees and youth athletes. Uploading, editing, sharing, and commenting on athletic footage is the primary focus of TheTyros.com. Whether an official wants to analyze game video or a student athlete wants to post highlight film, The Tyros offers the tools in a convenient video based social platform.

Kyle and his team understand that video is vitally important to the success of their business, and so it only made sense to craft a marketing plan around professional whiteboard videos. They were confident in their product, but needed some compelling marketing materials in a hurry


new users added within 30 days of promoting our videos


of prospects take action after viewing the video


increase in traffic to our booth at trade shows and conventions

Their Goal

Educate their target market about their useful and exciting new product and compel sign ups.

The problem: A flooded market, social media platforms can easily get lost within a sea of forgotten, although well designed, ambitions. The Tyros needed to differentiate themselves as a unique service for two distinct demographics- young athletes and referees.

Young athletes would benefit from understanding that The Tyros offers a life changing platform that allows everyone, from grandparents to college recruiters, to share in their sports experiences and accomplishments.

Referees and game officials oftentimes feel like an afterthought within the sports industry. The Tyros offers video study to officials, which is known to be a powerful tool for improvement at any level. The ability to engage on a social level with other professionals and create valuable training materials from the videos is a proprietary offering.

The product launch was only three days away.

How would Kyle be able to create a compelling marketing video in such a rapidly approaching time frame?

‘I’m amazed!’

It was an absolute pleasure working with WizMotion. Their communication was professional and second to none. They were in constant contact and delivered a very difficult project in an unbelievably short time frame. We needed two high-quality whiteboard videos delivered within 72 hours, and they were delivered, to standards, in less than 70. I’m amazed that they were able to deliver something that completely captured our vision in such a short time frame. We will be using WizMotion again for future project, there is no question.
– Kyle Armstrong @ TheTyros.com

Our Solution

Create not one, but TWO whiteboard explainer videos within 72 hours!

In order to reach two distinct personas, wizMotions created two easy to understand informative marketing videos that reached unique demographics. Using whiteboard videos, the differentiating benefits of The Tyros were easily explained in a way that encouraged sign-ups.

So, what was the process and what were the results?

Kyle collaborated with wizMotions’ efficient staff to quickly develop two whiteboard videos that were completed and launched within 72 hours.

Consumers now understand why The Tyros is different from other, run of the mill social media platforms and they feel more confident signing up. And Kyle and his team were able to meet their tight deadline, thanks to our animation ninjas who worked around the clock.

Project Breakdown

  • Storyboard Concept: written by wizMotions
  • Artwork & Design: designed by wizMotions (Martin)
  • Tone & Style: Story-based with realistic characters
  • Video Production: by a wizMotions animator (Edu)
  • Opted for Express Delivery: Yes

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