[Case Study] AMAZING! He Trained 10,000+ Employees With A Single Video.

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mormon-human-resources-virginia-executive-international-CQ3C-engA 125 year old company, Kuehne + Nagel has evolved from being an international freight forwarder to an innovative and fully integrated supply chain solutions business. The Human Resources department is committed to developing leadership skills within their employees to encourage success in both their personal and professional lives.

Kuehne + Nagel has developed a set of leadership competencies called KN Behaviors that emphasizes acceptable behavior, individual development, and strong communication skills. The model will be used to train the North American staff, which includes 10,000 employees.

How can an HR department effectively train that many employees on a new behavior model in an efficient manner? Will the employees actually buy into the presentation of the new model?

The HR department realized that the most effective way to introduce 10,000 employees to a new leadership model is with a world-class whiteboard explainer video so Chris Buhl, of Keuhne + Nagel contacted wizMotion right away.

Educate 10,000 employees about the KN Behavior model in a way that is efficient and credible.

The HR department did not simply want to present a new behavior standard to their staff. Rather, they aimed to introduce the staff to KN Behavior in a way that would motivate employees to read the model and develop ongoing communication with managers about their progress through the steps. In addition, the new model is meant to be embraced by employees in a way that will advance their lives, both personally and professionally.

Chris approached WizMotions looking for a compelling, communicative whiteboard video that will grab the attention of employees and hold it. The message needed to provide a call to action that inspired the employees to learn more.

…But how can an explainer video motivate several thousand employees to take action, read the KN Behaviors and work towards personal and professional improvement?

We used the talented folks at WizMotions to create a video on our new leadership model at Kuehne and Nagel. The work done was a very high quality and was finished in a short period of time. We trained over 10,000 of our employees by sharing a link to this video. Face to face this would have taken months to accomplish and resulted in high travel expenses.

-Chris Buhl @ Kuehne-Nagel.com

Our Solution

“Delivering an inspiring explainer video designed to demonstrate how simple changes in character and behavior can lead to heightened professional success.”

The dedicated team at wizMotions developed a complete understanding of KN Behaviors and crafted two individual scenarios where important leadership characteristics were demonstrated. By understanding what drives the employees and presenting a path to success, a connection with the staff was created.

Delivering an inspiring, to the point explainer video was the next step. By creating two personas that employees could relate to, WizMotions experts outlined how “living” the KN Behaviors will ultimately translate into future success. Ending with a call to action that encouraged employees to read the KN Behaviors manual, the explainer video trained 10,000 employees with one video link.

Chris and the HR department were presented with the daunting task of training 10,000 employees across North America. By providing employees with a link to an explainer video, employees were educated without the need for expensive travel expenses or several hours of training.

Project Breakdown

  • Concept: created by wizMotions
  • Artwork & Design: designed by wizMotions artists
  • Tone & Style: Story-based with realistic characters
  • Video Production: by a wizMotions animator

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