[Case Study] How This Short Explainer Video Helped This Author Sell 10,000+ Books & Earn Amazon’s #1 Spot in Just 3 Months!

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His Story

Mark J. Silverman is commonly referred to as a “Force of Nature.” People who spend time with him tend to transform. Successful in his own right, Mark has generated over $90 Million in sales and received numerous awards over his powerful 15-year career.

He is the author of the newly released anti-time management book, titled “Only 10s – Using Distraction to Get the Right Things Done”. To know Mark is to understand the power of his practical productivity solutions, but how do disorganized people who don’t know Mark find him? Can people who really need this information become compelled to purchase his book and transform their lives?

Of course, Mark realized early enough that he needed to educate his audience with a world-class whiteboard explainer video so he contacted wizMotion right away.


book copies sold and became #1 Amazon best-seller in 3 months!


spired to sell 1000 books; however, his goal was exceeded by 10x

300+ Rate

The book is still selling at the rate of 300+ each and every month.

Their Goal

Differentiate himself from other self-help type business books.

Much of the target market has already read material about time management with few actual results. Presenting the book in a way that distinguishes it from the typical time management book and emphasizing its unique characteristics was the key to success.

Mark approached WizMotions looking for crisp, clean, creative promotion solutions.

…But how can an explainer video act as a book trailer which succeeds in engaging the intended audience and compelling them to purchase?

‘A video that converts viewers into buyers!’

Besides multiple views and buzz around my coaching practice, my book (outlined in the video) went to #1 on Amazon. So far we have sold 10X my top projection. Thanks wizMotions for creating a video that converts viewers into buyers.
Mark @ MarkjSilverman.com

– Mark @ MarkjSilverman.com

Our Solution

Delivering a clean, to the point explainer video designed to speak to his audience’s pain points.

The dedicated team at WizMotions worked hard to internalize the original and effective tools discussed in Mark’s book. Understanding the target market, successful professionals who struggle with juggling multiple tasks, and, in some cases, professionals who navigate the challenges of ADD, was the first step.

Delivering a clean, to the point explainer video was the next step. Designed to speak directly to professionals who had tried and failed more traditional methods of time management, the practical explainer video mirrored the practical approach of the book. And the overwhelming success was immediate.

Mark aspired to sell 1000 books; however, his goal was exceeded by 10x. Within three months, his book soared to Amazon’s #1 spot and sold over 10,000 copies. The book is still selling at the rate of 300/month.

Project Breakdown

  • Script & Concept: written by wizMotions
  • Artwork & Design: designed by wizMotions artists
  • Tone & Style: Story-based with realistic characters
  • Video Production: by a wizMotions animator

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