[Case Study] How KeyToConceive.com Got 317% Increase in Sales Using An Informative Explainer Video

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Their Story

garyGary Thompson, President of KeyToConceive.com, recognized that over 7 million couples are actively trying to conceive and begin families with no luck. The heartbreaking numbers begged for a solution.

To Conceive LLC, introduced a revolutionary, FDA approved product that offers a natural alternative to more intrusive and extensive fertility procedures. But when Gary developed an amazing product within the medical industry, he questioned whether a small company can compel customers and investors to notice?


increase in Amazon sales


getting funded from investors

2 major deals

that intend to deliver their product on a larger scale

Their Goal

Direct interest from potential customers and investors to their website to learn more.

The amazing thing about To Conceive is that it works and scientific evidence demonstrates the effectiveness. Gary and his team assumed that providing the hard numbers to the public would be the secret to their success.

They were mistaken.

They quickly realized that what their product needed was a way to simply explain the process in a simple and sensitive manner. Gary wanted to not only attract additional customers that would benefit from the product, but also to appeal to potential investors and peak interest.

Gary presented the challenge to wizMotions and we asked tough questions. How can the complicated and emotionally charged topic of fertility be explained in an effective manner that resonates with both hopeful future parents and investors?

Sales doubled then tripled…thanks wizMotions!’

Our conception aid product has a FDA clearance and 5 USPTO patents supporting and protecting our technology. We initially assumed that by educating our website visitors on our scientific findings we would realize significant conversion rates. Yep, you guessed it, we were wrong.
We reached out to wizMotions with a new strategy. ‘Help us develop a one minute whiteboard video that simplifies our message.’ Our ToConceive team worked with the wizMotion team to narrow the focus of or message and two weeks later we were ready to release our new video.

Sales doubled then tripled. We added additional sales partners by allowing them access to our new video and now we have two Big Pharma’s interested in our technology.

–Thanks wizMotions, – Gary Thompson @ ToConceive LLC

Our Solution

Develop an easy to understand explainer video to provide info about this sensitive subject.

The innovative team at WizMotions carefully considered how the carefully crafted explainer video would drive traffic to the website so that consumers and investors could learn more about the proprietary product. By presenting the product in simple terms with clever visuals, both investors and potential customers quickly understand the features, benefits, and results of the product and are directed to learn more from the website. The upbeat tempo and matter of fact script respect the sensitive nature of the subject matter, while providing necessary information needed to peak interest and motivate further action.

wizMotions is proud to report that To Conceive has experienced a 317% increase in Amazon sales, has tripled their overall sales figures, and are in negotiations with two major companies that intend to deliver the product on a larger scale.

Project Breakdown

  • Concept: created by wizMotions
  • Artwork & Design: designed by wizMotions artists
  • Tone & Style: Story-based with cartoony characters
  • Video Production: by a wizMotions animator

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