[Case Study] How An Animated Explainer Video Helped This Well-Known Brand Break Into A New Product Market

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An award winning, anti-malware, cyber security company, Kaspersky keeps their 270,000 corporate clients one step ahead of potential cyber threats on a daily basis. Founded in 2004, Kaspersky is a leader in online security and a recognized worldwide brand.

Brett, a Kaspersky team member, was responsible for educating an audience about the features and benefits of a new product prior to the actual launch.

How does an established brand present a new, complicated product to an internal team with the purpose of creating a buzz? And can a complex product be explained to a consumer audience in a way that is not too elevated for the general public?


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corporate clients


Cyber Security Company Worldwide

Providing an education about a new product that would be illuminating and inspiring to both an internal team as well as general consumers.

Struggling to communicate a consumer product concept, Brett reached out to the creative team at wizMotions in hopes that they could break down a complex product into easy to understand language and present it in an explainer video.

Brett was looking to create excitement and energy about the new personal security platform within the Kaspersky team. He was also hoping to use the video to present the product features and benefits to a consumer audience prior to launch in order to receive feedback on the initial ideas of the product.

Will the general public see the value in the new personal device security platform or will they feel that the product is too difficult or complicated to install?
‘…without wizMotions, idea might still be on the drawing board!’

The video we created with wizMotions was critical in helping us to test a new product concept with consumers. It allowed us to clearly communicate a complex idea and the consumers loved it. Our entire product strategy is now squarely behind this new concept and without wizMotions it might still be on the drawing board!

-Brett @ Kaspersky.com

Clearly communicate a complex idea in a way that encouraged internal team support while educating the public about their need for such a product offering.

wizMotions was excited to work with Kaspersky on their new product development process. The video designers effectively broke down complex concepts into easy to understand chunks that resonated with consumers.

As a result of the video, Kaspersky team members were energized about the product and the entire product strategy is backing the new concept communicated in the video.

The explainer video transitioned the new product idea from conceptualization to reality and encouraged feedback from consumers.

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