[Case Study] His Idea Will Now Get Funded For $20,000,000 — Here’s How He Grabbed Investors’ Attention!

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Their Story

Troy Simpson is part of the IllumiPest team, developers of a product guaranteed to revolutionize the pest control industry.

From the minds of pest control professionals, IllumiPest is designed to assure customers that their property is being treated as expected and also to assure supervisors that their technicians are following protocol. Never before has a product served as such a powerful customer service tool and managerial check and balance strategy.

By adding the product to a typical pest control material, a UV light may be used to ensure that the product was applied. The opportunity for pest control professionals to use the product to build trust with customers is limitless, which translates into increased revenue.

But how can they communicate the true value of a product that has yet to be market tested to other pest control professionals, investors, and manufacturers?


getting funded from investors

Their Goal

Get funded and partner with investors who were impressed by the product and its limitless potential.

IllumiPest approached wizMotions seeking a professional and convincing whiteboard video designed to communicate value and confidence in the product to investors and manufacturers.

IllumiPest’s primary goal was to attract, inform, and direct an audience of investors to their website to participate in a bidding process for exclusive rights to the patent pending product.

They were concerned that the starting bid would be viewed as being too high for interested investors.

How could the product be presented in a way that stressed the importance of its proprietary value and potential to revolutionize the entire pest control industry?

‘We’re about to get funded for $20 MILLION… thanks wizMotions!’

We were able to paint a picture for investors with our video. Right now we are in the interested stage of negotiations for getting funded of $20million but without the video it would be difficult to communicate the vision multiple times with our own words over and over. We fee confident that our goals will be reached in 2016 thanks to the great video you guys produced for us.
-Troy E. Simpson | President/CEO @ TraffiConnect Global

Our Solution

To create a comprehensive, yet concise whiteboard video that addressed the primary issue within the pest control industry.

The creative team at WizMotions immediately began to develop a whiteboard video that seamlessly integrated the multiple messages to be conveyed to the audience. Using storytelling, the video explained the unique concern of the pest control industry in a way that any investor or manufacturer could clearly understand the need and value of the IllumiPest product. By creating excitement about a product that could potentially improve customer experience and drive up revenue, investors were motivated to place their bids.

Thanks to the video, the product garnered attention from the right people and will now be funded for $20,000,000.

“Project Breakdown

  • Concept: created by wizMotions
  • Artwork & Design: designed by wizMotions artists
  • Tone & Style: Story-based with cartoony characters
  • Video Production: by a wizMotions animator

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