[Case Study] We Crafted A Video…And He Got Funded For $1.2M

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Their Story

WK Developments assists millennial home buyers approach the home buying process differently. When a home buyer relies on WK Developments for the purchase of their home, WK Developments invests in an undervalued home and renovates with custom additions, delivering the ideal home to the buyers.

Blake, one of the founders of WK Developments, was actively seeking investors and capital funding to launch the innovative start up. In addition, he wanted to begin to build a customer base. How does a start up convince investors and banks to financially back the project without having a website or history of proven success? And can a revolutionary approach to home buying be explained convincingly to home buyers and financial professionals through an explainer video?

Their Goal

Secure financial backing through loans and investors for the purpose of launching their new approach to home buying.

Blake reached out to the creative team at wizMotions looking for a simple, professional video that would grab the attention of investors and bank professionals and convince them to financially back the project. He also wanted the video to explain the process to potential home buyers.

WK Developments has identified a specific target market for their product and needed a video that could speak directly to millennial home buyers who wanted to simplify a custom home building process, while still constructing their dream home.

Will customers believe that the process of customizing an existing home can be hassle free? Will investors see this alternative to traditional home buying as a good investment?

‘Thanks for your genius!’

“I was able to get the first round funding required to get my business off the ground. The video Wizmotions created was able to communicate my value proposition to potential customers and investors more clearly than my business plan and pith deck could. It created the emotional equity in my viewers that drove home the value my company brings to the table. Thanks for your genius! It was almost too easy to work with you to produce the video.”

-Blake Williams @ WK Development”

Our Solution

Overcome objectives by presenting the business model and its benefits in a clear format that gets viewers excited.

wizMotions was excited to work with WK Developments on launching their start up company. The video designers took the viewer through the business model and its benefits. The benefits and differentiators of the WK Developments process were explained and simplified, allowing for ease of understanding.

The explainer video was more clear at explaining the value proposition to potential customers and investors than the business plan. As a result of the video, Blake received initial funding in the amount of $1.2 million and was able to launch WK Developments.

Project Breakdown

  • Concept: created by wizMotions
  • Artwork & Design: designed by wizMotions artists
  • Tone & Style: Direct with realistic characters
  • Video Production: by a wizMotions animator

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