[Case Study] How This Attorney Doubled His Conversions Using A Whiteboard Video

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Their Story

Jeff, an Iowa bankruptcy attorney, prides himself on relieving hundreds of clients’ financial burdens by executing efficient and affordable bankruptcies. His law firm includes a professional staff that is committed to resolving bankruptcy related issues for hard working people who are experiencing financial crisis. As with many businesses, Jeff was searching for a solution to effectively reach those who most needed his help and convert them into satisfied clients…

Their Goal

Educate the prospects and convert them into paid customers

A general lack of education, which has created a stigma surrounding Chapter 7 bankruptcy, serves as a barrier to converting prospective customer interest into action.

The law firm needed a marketing solution that would quickly provide consumers with the information they need to proceed with Jeff’s service offerings.

‘My conversions have doubled!’

Since adding the WizMotions custom animated whiteboard video to my webste, my conversions have doubled! WizMotions is collaborative, efficient, and affordable. I heartily recommend WizMotions and will use them again.

Our Solution

Create a story-based whiteboard explainer video that sells…fast!

Jeff relied on wizMotions to create an informative marketing video that reaches potential clients on DEEP emotional level, provides them with a proper education about the law and his services, and quickly converts them into paying clients.

So, what was the process and what were the results?

Jeff collaborated with WizMotions’ ingenious staff to quickly develop a whiteboard video that has effectively led to the doubling of Jeff’s conversions. Customers feel more confident when they are provided with preliminary information prior to making contact with a business. Jeff found the process to be efficient and streamlined and he plans to partner with WizMotions again in the near future.

Project Breakdown

  • Script & Concept: written by a wizMotions (Traci)
  • Voice Over: recorded by a wizMotions (WM-M10)
  • Artwork & Design: designed by a wizMotions (Sam)
  • Tone & Style: Story-based with cartoony characters
  • Video Production: by a wizMotions animator (Vojkan)
  • Total investment: $595

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