[Case Study] 33 New Customers In 3 Days & $6600 In Sales Using A Fun Animated Video For His Business

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Their Story

rayRay Hodge is responsible for creating a buzz about TheTimesNews.com in order to increase awareness and circulation of the print news circular. Established in 1887, The Times News reaches nearly 77% of adults within Alamance County, but has found itself struggling to compete in a world with more digital and less print.

Eager to re-establish themselves as the leading source of community news and savings opportunities, Ray contacted WizMotions to explore alternatives to traditional promotion methods.

What kind of tangible results was he hoping to achieve? And would the results be in line with past methods of promotion?


new customers in 3 days!


n sales/revenues

60 seconds

All these with a 60 second animated video from wizMotions

Their Goal

Switching gears from boring, traditional methods and creating REAL excitement!

Ray understands that to brand the publication and attract new subscribers, targeting consumers through social media and creating engagement is key. By switching gears from boring, traditional promotion methods and creating excitement with an entertaining, animated video designed to target a specific demographic,

Ray hoped to encourage social sharing of the video. It was his hope that increased exposure from the social sharing would result in a modest, but noticeable increase in subscriptions. The publication was having some difficulty targeting young families who are primarily interested in their elaborate savings circulars and calendars of community events.

How can a print publication attract specifically identified subscribers with an online video?

‘We were very pleased!’

Our first video was able to produce 33 new customers within three days, at a cost per order in line with past promotions ran in paper. For a completely new source of starts, we were very pleased!

– Ray Hodge @ TheTimeNews.com

Our Solution

Created a lighthearted, lively animated video perfect for sharing and engaging.

Keeping the target demographic in mind, families looking for community activities and money saving opportunities, the team at WizMotions created a lighthearted, lively animated video perfect for sharing and engaging.

The video includes repeated images of the print form of the publication, reminding the audience of the value of traditional newspapers. With a 60 second animated video created by WizMotions, viewers quickly understand, on an emotional level, the value of staying connected to your community through a reliable news source delivered daily.

And the results speak for themselves. Within the first three days of posting the video, TheTimesNews.com received 33 new subscriptions translating into $6600 in revenue!

Project Breakdown

  • Concept: created by wizMotions
  • Artwork & Design: designed by wizMotions artists
  • Tone & Style: Story-based with cartoony characters
  • Video Production: by a wizMotions animator

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