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11 Small Business Marketing Tools You Need to Check Out as of Yesterday

By the time you’re finished reading this another 20 online marketing tools will have popped up to vie for your

100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing

How Videos Positively Impact Your Website’s SEO

When you think of SEO, videos might not immediately come to mind. After all, SEO is all about stuffing keywords

4 Best Uses of Animation on YouTube

Animation is a superb storytelling device, as evidenced by countless classic cartoon movies. Whether you’re a Disney devotee, you grew

Know All Your Variables When Creating an Animated Video for Business, Scriptwriter Advises

We have a fabulous team here at WizMotions. From project managers to script writers to animators and everyone in between,

100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing

How to Calculate the ROI on Your Animated Video

There is probably no more important acronym in business than ROI. Every cent a business spends should not only be

animated explainer videos for business

How to Shepherd a Video Project Through the Obstacle Course that is Your Company

One of the banes of big business is that, unlike small, agile businesses, there is a lot of bureaucracy to

Your Field Guide to YouTube Ads

How great YouTube ads are depends on which side of the marketing divide you’re on. If you’re an advertiser, they

ROI for Animated Videos Sky High for US, UK Businesses

Animated explainer videos can be used in pretty much any context as a fun way to illustrate a complex subject.

100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing

6 Best Video Sharing Sites (That Don’t Start with “Y”)

When it comes to video online, there is one site that people think of above all others: YouTube. You can

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